Belenézek a tükörbe, kinézek az ablakon: látom magamat, és látok másokat azzal küzdeni, hogy hogyan legyünk a saját bőrünkben. Hogy tudjuk, kik vagyunk, és mire van szükségünk. Hogy kedveljük magunkat, ahelyett, hogy valaki más bőrében szeretnénk lenni. ~ G. Roth

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5 Days Heartbeat "THE ART OF THE HEART"

Bátonyterenye - 22 Jun 2023 to 26 Jun 2023
Silvija Tomcik

5Rhythms® Residential Heartbeat 

5 Days Workshop


Three Treasures Valley, HUNGARY

“Be the poetry of the movement to find the voice connected to the heart connected to the feet. To be able to stand in it and serve with it. Just be a catalyst. Art is the soul food each person needs.” Gabrielle Roth

On this workshop, we will connect our body with our emotions that come our way, through different creative and healing ways (dance and movement, voice work, drawing and painting, ritual theatre, writing, massage…). My intention is that we develop more tolerance for feeling our own emotions and find as many different ways to express and communicate them.

We will work following Gabrielle Roth’s map of 5 Rhythms and of 5 basic emotions – Fear that protects us, Anger that defends us, Sadness that releases us, Joy that uplifts us and Compassion that unites us.

Flowing is supporting us to feel our emotions through the physical body and how to ground them through the movement. Staccato is teaching us how to shape, express and communicate our heart in different sizes and volumes. Chaos is showing us the way how to go through the emotional waves and how to let them go through us into something bigger than us. Lyrical is shining a light to the brighter side, reminding us that this will pass too and that there is so much more space inside our chest to breathe. Stillness is whispering the wisdom of “let it be” and reminding us how very inter-connected we are through our very hearts.

“Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope.” 

Brene Brown



One Tribe

Verőce - 19 Jul 2023 to 23 Jul 2023
Peter Fejer

 By following the 5Rhythms map, we are getting closer to our primal vitality. We awaken our elemental intuition, our free and instinctive being. It often happens that our experience of freedom and instinct separates us from others. For there is always something in relation to which we become free, there is always some bond in relation to which we become more instinctual. In this workshop we also practice to experience all this as part of a group, in a human context, in a community. Supporting each other, we become more and more liberated. In each other we also feel the primal vitality, our common vitality, our tribal force.

The practice of 5Rhythms develops our ability to find, awaken and interact with our elemental powers. We don’t just offer a one-time experience in these workshops, we offer tools for your development. Through the rhythm of Flowing, we practice experiencing our own unique, unrepeatable bodily presence and learn to give way to our gut instincts. The rhythm of Flowing is the gateway to our body, to the ever more fulfilling experience of the body. The rhythm of Staccato points the way to unfolding, to the meeting of our body with our environment. It may sound strange, but it is essentially a physical, kinetic way of discovering how big we are. As we feel and experience our size and scope, we are less tempted to artificially make ourselves smaller or bigger. Instead, we accept and begin to make good use of exactly who we are.

It is the rhythm of Chaos that teaches us most about community. Each of us is present in our own colourful, unpredictable uniqueness, and yet it can all blend into one big picture, sometimes harmonious, sometimes more like a turbulance, but always vibrant and supportive. The rhythm of Chaos is a continuous dance towards finding oneself and dissolving into the community. A constant loss and recovery of self.

Each year this workshop is a significant defining experience for those who attend. But it is not only an experience, it is also an asset. It carries development, it enriches permanently. Perhaps nowadays, in the allure of acquiring newer and newer shiny objects, it can be truly and deeply gratifying to gift ourselves with the latest version of ourselves instead of the latest version of mobile phone or flat screen. I wonder what new capabilities the 2.0 version of me has?


Local Teachers

Julia Mercurio Budapest   Dancing Since: 2010

“When we dance, we make space for the magic to happen.”

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Peter Fejer Budapest Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 2008

“Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.”

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