Belenézek a tükörbe, kinézek az ablakon: látom magamat, és látok másokat azzal küzdeni, hogy hogyan legyünk a saját bőrünkben. Hogy tudjuk, kik vagyunk, és mire van szükségünk. Hogy kedveljük magunkat, ahelyett, hogy valaki más bőrében szeretnénk lenni. ~ G. Roth

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Outdoor dance in the park Budapest Peter Fejer

Periodic Classes



Budapest - 24 Feb 2023 to 26 Feb 2023
Alex Mackay

Welcome to a weekend at the deep end of the dance floor!
Moving through Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® map, we will explore each of the rhythms and their shadow counterparts, that are concealed in the dark.

Through embodiment and with curiosity, we are able to understand how the shadows are interwoven with our own lives. With kindness we are able to see the treasures that are hidden within them: The laziness which lead us to luxuriate and take our time, the power of our sharp, clear edges in motion, the opening to all directions to pour our busy minds into the poetic body, the dreamer envisioning the world anew, the safety of withdrawing into ourselves.

Once we change the viewpoint about what we reject in ourselves, the creative potential that is embedded in the shadows can emerge. We can reclaim rejected aspects of ourselves, and find lost energy. This investigation leads to "aha moments", with the potential to transform our personal as well as our cultural shadows.

24-26 February 2023
Friday: 19:15-21:45
Saturday: 11-18
Sunday: 10-17

Sliding scale - pay the amount which feels most appropriate to your current income situation.

Supporter: 180 €
Regular: 140 €
Reduced: 100 €

Booking valid with payment of 50 € non-refundable deposit.

A limited number of scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance to attend. If you would like to support another dancer’s participation, you can contribute by making a donation. Please contact the producer.

15% discount for 5Rhythms teachers and Space Holders.

This workshop is taught in English with translation into Hungarian.
It counts as 2,5 day Waves experience towards the 5Rhythms Teacher Training application.

This workshop is fully booked!
You can sign up for the waiting list here: shorturl.at/ado36
We’ll inform you once a spot gets available.

Send an email to Julia Mercurio at mercurio.julia@gmail.com


5 Days Heartbeat "THE ART OF THE HEART"

Bátonyterenye - 22 Jun 2023 to 26 Jun 2023
Silvija Tomcik

5Rhythms® Residential Heartbeat 

5 Days Workshop


Three Treasures Valley, HUNGARY

“Be the poetry of the movement to find the voice connected to the heart connected to the feet. To be able to stand in it and serve with it. Just be a catalyst. Art is the soul food each person needs.” Gabrielle Roth

On this workshop, we will connect our body with our emotions that come our way, through different creative and healing ways (dance and movement, voice work, drawing and painting, ritual theatre, writing, massage…). My intention is that we develop more tolerance for feeling our own emotions and find as many different ways to express and communicate them.

We will work following Gabrielle Roth’s map of 5 Rhythms and of 5 basic emotions – Fear that protects us, Anger that defends us, Sadness that releases us, Joy that uplifts us and Compassion that unites us.

Flowing is supporting us to feel our emotions through the physical body and how to ground them through the movement. Staccato is teaching us how to shape, express and communicate our heart in different sizes and volumes. Chaos is showing us the way how to go through the emotional waves and how to let them go through us into something bigger than us. Lyrical is shining a light to the brighter side, reminding us that this will pass too and that there is so much more space inside our chest to breathe. Stillness is whispering the wisdom of “let it be” and reminding us how very inter-connected we are through our very hearts.

“Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope.” 

Brene Brown



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Julia Mercurio Budapest   Pleše od: 2010

“When we dance, we make space for the magic to happen.”

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Peter Fejer Budapest Podučava Od: 2010 Pleše od: 2008

“Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.”

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