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Sanctuary ~ A New Year

Bethesda - 30 Dec 2017 to 1 Jan 2018
Ann Kite

Change - how do we move with it?  how does it move us?  The new year is a time for acknowledging change.  As a collective, we reflect on our past and dream of our future.  On a deeper and more intimate level, change is a mourning of what we have lost, a celebration of what we have gained.

Always, change is a reminder of the impermanence of life — a death and birth from moment to moment with no guarantees.  To move with the changes in life gracefully we must surrender to the impermanence of the moment — loving what is even as we mourn its inevitable loss. To make art of our lives we must from time to time return to the sanctuary - the place where we can safely surrender the masks we wear and remember who we really are.  

In this 5Rhythms workshop we will build a sanctuary for embracing the changes in our lives  — a place where we can safely surrender that which no longer serves, rediscover the divine light that radiates from within, and practice the pure expression of divinity in this earth body of flesh and blood.  Using the map of the 5Rhythms, we will practice fully listening to and honoring our embodiment. 

The New Year’s tradition is our collective reflection on the year behind and the year ahead. 


The Naked Soul

Charlottesville - 14 Nov 2018 to 18 Nov 2018
Jonathan Horan

This is an opportunity for those who want to explore the dynamics of relationship in the luminous mirror of repetition, rhythm and ritual theater. We will cultivate and deepen our ability to see and hear each other as we breakthrough the masks and myths of relationship to face each other with naked souls.

Repetition allows us to throw down our masks, to shatter unspoken contracts that grab us by the throat and diminish us, robbing us of voice and vision. I love this technique; it has changed the way I listen to and see my friends, my lover, my family and even total strangers. Each of us has the power to reach for an embodiment of the spontaneous, instinctive attention to truth that this world so desperately needs. Sharing the tools and techniques that allow us to lovingly take on this commitment is my passion.

So we come together to weave witness and warrior into a vulnerable presence. This is our offering. This is our prayer.


Local Teachers

Samantha Lane Charlottesville, Virginia   Dancing Since: 1973

More Information and Schedule
Jeffrey Boynton Charlottesville, Virginia Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2001

“Life happens when the tectonic power of your speechless soul breaks through the dead habits of the mind. John Patrick Shanley, preface of the play Doubt”

More Information and Schedule
Karen Chapman Asheville, North Carolina Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2005

“Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! And Shine! Buddha”

More Information and Schedule
Barbara Marlowe Asheville, North Carolina Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2003

“The 5R leads me home again and again. ”

More Information and Schedule
Richard Jerram Baltimore, Maryland Teaching Since: 2001 Dancing Since: 1996

More Information and Schedule
Ann Kite (Heartbeat In Training) Charlottesville, Virginia Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2010

More Information and Schedule
Lauren Spears (Sweat SpaceHolder) Frederick, Maryland   Dancing Since: 2009

More Information and Schedule
Claire Wyatt (Sweat SpaceHolder) Washington, District of Columbia    

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Sarah Aili (Sweat SpaceHolder) Nashville, Tennessee   Dancing Since: 2006

“"Be the Change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi”

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