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Between the head and feet of every person is a billion miles of unexplored territory.

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Step Into Yes! Next Class 7 Jul 2018 Austin Lisa DeLand
Beneath Words Next Class 8 Jul 2018 Houston Lisa DeLand

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Spirit Flight - 10 day Embodiment Intensive

El Prado - 20 Jul 2018 to 29 Jul 2018
Visudha de los Santos

Spirit Flight
“Move and you will dance.  Dance and you will fly.  Fly and you will soar. Soar and you will know the Divine. Know the Divine and you will know Truth. Know the Truth and you will know the Mystery.”

Indigenous people from all over the world use imagery of winged horses to signify a relationship with the Divine.  These magical creatures allow flight into the unknown, flight into the spirit realms and flight into the Mystery. Forging a relationship with Mystery’s magic – feeling and sharing your energy, your nature and your trust – will take you far away to lands of enchantment, wonder and awe.

But most of all, Mystery lets us fly to freedom. 

Are you ready to surrender? Are you ready to meet yourself?  Are you ready to ride and fly high?  Are you ready to be liberated? Are you ready to be free from all that restricts you?     



Soul Maps

Tucson - 31 Aug 2018 to 2 Sep 2018
Amber Ryan

     How do we track the direction and trajectory of our soul?

With dedicated inquiry, might we begin to understand our place within the divine mystery?

Though the nature of these questions are elusive, we can start to connect the threads of our existence past, present and future to find clues along our life’s journey as points of reference and guidance that we can return to again and again.

This is the exploration and content of Soul Maps.

Using rhythm and the body as a guide, the conscious mind rests and we enter a liminal space of self-discovery.

Utilizing the map of the 5Rhythms, we can better attune to our own internal compass. This can bring about a greater understanding of our own unique soul’s path and our place within the vastness surrounding. Allowing the soul to guide, we step out of our conditioned personalities and expand beyond form. 

In this place, we can safely garner new lessons, new information, new insights into what is true in the deepest sense. Like hidden treasures, these insights are gold, just waiting to be discovered. Once integrated into the body, profound changes and shifts can occur--tools of transformation become available on and off the dance floor. 

By grounding the soul in the body, we give the space to access these more esoteric parts. Within that awareness, we begin to familiarize ourselves with more of who we truly are and how we might share our unique, soul’s essence with the world.

Join us in Tucson for this deep, fun and soul-filled journey into the mapping of your unique soul.


Local Teachers

Melanie Cooley Tucson, Arizona   Dancing Since: 1991

“At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, a complex form...which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything in the universe. ~George Leonard”

More Information and Schedule
Mati Vargas-Gibson Dallas, Texas Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1998

“"If it moves, it moves"”

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Linda Susanne (Susie) Haces Dallas, Texas Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1974

More Information and Schedule
Chloe Goodwin Santa Fe, New Mexico Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 1999

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Lisa DeLand Austin, Texas Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1994

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Visudha de los Santos Taos, New Mexico Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1995

“The deeper we go into, and be with the mystery, the more mysterious life becomes, and in that, life becomes both more meaningful and enchanting. Through moving ritual, oneness arises, and we discover a depth of presence lacking in ordinary moments.”

More Information and Schedule
Melissa McLamb (Sweat SpaceHolder) Albuquerque, New Mexico   Dancing Since: 1987

“You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open. Martha Graham ”

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Raven Tompkins (Sweat SpaceHolder) Taos, New Mexico   Dancing Since: 2014

“Creation, destruction, I am dancing for them both. - Rumi”

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