Once you get out of the way, the way becomes you and you become the way.

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5Rhythms Waves Sundays Next Class 9 Oct 2022 Madrid Janis Fernandez

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Alchemy of the Heart

Madrid - 28 Oct 2022 to 30 Oct 2022
Willemijn de Dreu

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“Escucha a tu corazón. Lo sabe todo, porque viene del Alma del Mundo y un día volverá allí”. “El Alquimista”, Paulo Coelho.

Son muchos los sentimientos y sensaciones que recorren nuestro cuerpo durante el día. Algunos son ecos de experiencias pasadas que dejaron una huella en el corazón, otros son ondas en la superficie que apenas notamos. 

En este taller, escucharemos atentamente los susurros del corazón y exploraremos cómo habla a través del cuerpo. Con las manos, las caderas y los pies, encontramos expresión para todas las diferentes huellas y ondulaciones. Algunas de estas danzas son emocionantes de descubrir, otras son incómodas. Sin embargo, entrar y expresar estos sentimientos en compañía de otros te liberará. 

La pista de baile será un contenedor seguro en el que podrás soltar y seguir adelante con compasión. Y ahí es donde está el oro. Compasión.

Utilizaremos los 5Ritmos y los 5 Elementos como guías e inspiración en nuestro viaje de baile.

“Cuando se permite al corazón trabajar su alquimia, descubrimos que podemos transmutar nuestro dolor en paz, nuestra pena en alegría y nuestra ira en serenidad. El corazón sólo puede acudir en nuestra ayuda si nos hacemos plenamente presentes en lo que estamos viviendo. Descubrimos que la otra cara del dolor psicológico es el crecimiento personal, y que nuestro dolor no es más que nuestra curación queriendo abrirse paso.” “La Alquimia del Corazón”, Michael Brown.

"Listen to your heart. It knows all things because it came from the Soul of the World and it will one day return there."  (from 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho)

So many feelings and sensations are traveling through the body during a day. Some are echoes from past experiences that left an imprint in the heart, other s are ripples on the surface that we hardly notice. 

This weekend we listen closely to the whispers of the heart, and we explore how it speaks through the body. With hands and hips and feet, we find expressions for all the different imprints and ripples. Some of these dances are exciting to discover, others uncomfortable. However; to enter and express these feelings in the company of others will set you free. 

Then the dance floor will be a safe container where you can release and move on with compassion. And that is where the gold is. Compassion.

We will use 5Rhythms & 5Elements as guides and inspiration on our dancing journey.

"When the heart is allowed to work its alchemy, we discover that we can transmute our pain into peace, our grief into joy, and our anger into serenity. The heart can only come to our aid if we become fully present with what we are experiencing. We discover that the flip side of psychological pain is personal growth -- and that our pain is simply our healing wanting to break through."  (From the 'Alchemy of the Heart' by Michael Brown)



Madrid - 24 Nov 2022 to 26 Nov 2022
Irene Hernandez Sanchez - Janis Fernandez



Local Teachers

Azahara Galan Arezzo, Tuscany   Dancing Since: 2011

“When I let the body follow the breath, a whole new world opens up”

More Information and Schedule
Juli Borras Barcelona, Catalunya   Dancing Since: 2015

“The 5Rhythms are a map to everywhere we want to go—inner, outer, forward, back, physical, emotional, intellectual—they reconnect us to the wisdom of our bodies and unleash movement’s dynamic healing power”

More Information and Schedule
Irene Hernandez Sanchez Murcia, Region de Murcia Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2009

“Dancing brings me here and now. It helps me re-connect my body-mind-spirit , relate to others clearer and from love, and deeply trust in the divine.”

More Information and Schedule
Ana Escoda Vitoria Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 1989

“I learned about this beautiful map long time ago when I was a Modern Dancer in New York. The first reading of the book already had an effect in my understanding about both my body and my dance and inspired as well my dance teaching. ”

More Information and Schedule
Laura Carrasco Malaga, Andalucia   Dancing Since: 2012

“Dance gives me life and returns me to every movement”

More Information and Schedule
Janis Fernandez Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid   Dancing Since: 2011

“Dance like nobody is watching Baila como si nadie estuviera mirando”

More Information and Schedule
Emma Llaneza Barcelona, Catalunya   Dancing Since: 2013

“Dance like everybody's watching. Dance like your children are watching, your ancestors, your family. Dance for those who're hurting,those who can't dance,those who lost loved ones,those who suffer injustices throughout the world. Express your TRUTH.”

More Information and Schedule
Helena Barquilla Panadero Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 2003

More Information and Schedule
Francisca Peñalver Region de Murcia Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2008

“Nothing happens until something moves. Albert Einstein”

More Information and Schedule
Oscar Iborra (Sweat SpaceHolder) Granada, Andalucia Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2009

“You didn't really think this was about dancing, did you? G.R.”

More Information and Schedule
Noelia Cuellar (Sweat SpaceHolder) Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana    

“I discover the parts of my body, heart and soul throught the movement. Dance helps me to integrate and recognize that I am whole.”

More Information and Schedule
Noemi Soto (Sweat SpaceHolder) -   Dancing Since: 2016

More Information and Schedule
Gabriela Ibanez (Sweat SpaceHolder) -   Dancing Since: 2016

“I am so grateful to be alive and have a body to be and dance, a mind to think, a heart to love, a soul to see and a spirit to heal. ”

More Information and Schedule
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