5RTA | February Teacher Spotlight


Suzie Craddock



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 1998


My first 5Rhythms workshop was over 20 years ago in Switzerland with a well-known 5Rhythms teacher. I was a bundle of nerves going onto that dance floor as I felt so vulnerable following an unexpected life changing tumultuous divorce. I was at a crossroads I had hit rock bottom and struggling with four kids. There was something missing and my walls were locked into silence to cope. Building that wall took time and I knew tearing it down would take time. Even though I was quiet in my struggles I was concealing my pain.

It was finally liberating to move through those crippling painful periods on the dance floor as I realised I was on a mission of self-recovery and discovery as if I was going to recycle my heart. I knew that I could turn the demons of the divorce into art and movement and play with my shadow side so it could be my best friend!

This was the first time that the powerful 5Rhythm maps enabled me to ground myself and have a new sense of purpose and the fear and grief could be danced into the fuel of new energy. Each dance, each workshop was a hidden blessing as it guided me, and one of the happiest moments was when I found the courage to let go what I couldn’t change. This was in New York with Gabrielle Roth.

The 5-Rhythm map has impacted my life in so many ways: my self-esteem, my relationships, my wellbeing, and my entire outlook on my life. Positivity became a choice as I realised the happiness of my life is set around the quality of my thoughts.

I found myself on the dance floor learning to embrace my history and turn my weakness into strengths. That my story was my pathway to my own inner freedom and I wasn’t alone. I had this amazing dancing tribe who in their own way were holding me; for this I’m eternally grateful.


Unplugged 5 Rhythms Wellness Series

with Suzie Craddock


21 February 2020 - 23 February 2020

western asutralian ballet , Perth




Berit Hague



5Rhythms Teacher since 2004

Tribe Member since 1990


I read Gabrielle`s first book when it came to Sweden in 1990, and I knew I had found my way of dancing. However, there were no teachers in Sweden at that time, and it was not until 1998 I could start to practice the dance – going abroad to attend workshops.

WOW - It was SO fantastic to meet Gabrielle and dance with her and Jonathan.

In 2004/2005 I was able to do the Teacher training and since then this has been “My Life”, it is what I do for a living and it is how I live my life, guided by the Rhythms in everything.

2018 a Canadian/Russian 5Rhythm dancer living in St. Petersburg – Ekaterina Reymarova – came to my summer workshop in Southern Sweden, and she was SO enthusiastic:

Will you come to St. Petersburg and give a workshop there?

She organized everything so well, and last October we had our first workshop in St. Petersburg. None of the participants had danced the Rhythms before and only a few of them had heard about this dance practice before they got our/Ekaterina`s promotion.

On Friday evening I introduced The Rhythms, I talked about Gabrielle and Jonathan and what this dance practice has meant for me, and we danced a wave.

During the weekend the understanding of the Rhythms was deepened more and more, and the participants just loved it. They just loved this dance and they gave it all!

I could hardly believe my eyes, seeing them on the dance floor, with so much Joy, Enthusiasm and Authenticity! Incredible dances and spontaneous creative meetings between them happened with SO much joy and enthusiasm.



Creative Dancer: Search and Express who you are
with Berit Hague
14 February 2020 - 16 February 2020
Loft 9 3/4, St. Petersburg




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