Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth. ~ G. Roth

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Periodic Classes

5Ritmi a Firenze con Olivia Next Class 8 Jun 2019 Florence Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi a Bologna con Olivia Next Class 15 Jun 2019 Bologna Olivia Palmer
Friday night wave in Florence Next Class 14 Jun 2019 Florence Olivia Palmer


Barefoot Love Letters

Rome - 29 May 2019 to 2 Jun 2019
Emma Leech

 This is a Five day Heartbeat retreat in a beautiful healing arts centre with refined and sumptuous accommodation to hold you and nurture you while you dive into the depths of your hearts dances. Time and space will be given to go deeper into the tenderness of the dance.The workshop can be attended for all 5 days or 3 days. Wednesday 29 May - Sunday June 2, or Friday May 31-Sunday June 2.


Moving into Prosperity - The Virtuous Cycle of Abundance

Florence - 31 May 2019 to 2 Jun 2019
Evangelos Diavolitsis

 5Rhythms® Movement Workshop with Evangelos Diavolitsis (Canada) in Florence, Italy

What is your relationship to your body? To wealth? To prosperity?

Exploration through movement and dance reveal newfound awareness of your interconnection to money.

A physical journey of the 8 money archetypes:

The Victim, The Innocent, The Warrior, The Martyr, The Fool, The Artist, The Tyrant, and The Magician.

By understanding, naming and moving through money blind spots that no longer serve us,

we will re-wire new somatic survival habits. We will dance through Scarcity to Survive to Thrive to Manifest and into Abundance.

The backbone of this exploration is the 5Rhythms® movement practice which cultivates an open mind, grounded body and a heart of generosity. Kinesthetic learning is an entry point to understanding our complex relationship to money. The body reveals many truths. It is the instrument and the container of our stories. When we unravel the rhythms within, a treasure-filled kingdom is revealed.

No previous experience is required in order to participate in this transformative workshop. This workshop counts towards 5Rhythms Teacher Training electives pre-requisites.

Evangelos is a certified 5Rhythms® facilitator and meditation teacher who trained directly with Gabrielle Roth. As well as being a certified master money coach and visionary social entrepreneur, Evangelos regularly offers public talks on the art of integrating the spiritual path with a financially balanced material life. He creates an atmosphere that is adventurous and safe, weaving a delicate chemistry of humour and intensity. He has taught across Canada, Asia, Europe and in the U.S.

Alessia Lencioni,, +393471307275


Lokalni Učitelji

Olivia Palmer Tuscany Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2006

“Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

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Alessia Lencioni -   Pleše od: 2013

“What if you risk a little more? What if you push a little less? what if it's all just about discovering....”

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Alessandro Moruzzi San Francisco, California Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2008

“Rain, oceans are my Flowing. Street traffic, crowds chatting are my Staccato. Waterfalls, pounding jack hammers are my Chaos. Winds, hummingbirds are my Lyrical. Echoes of drops in a cave, my breaths are my Stillness.”

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Sara Tiesi Thun   Pleše od: 2007

Više obavijesti i raspored
Max Passante (Sweat SpaceHolder) -   Pleše od: 2008

“I love humankind when dancing, I see the truth.”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Andrea Sampalmieri (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome, Lazio   Pleše od: 2014

Više obavijesti i raspored
Claudia Frisone (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome   Pleše od: 2013

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