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5Rhythms Waves monthly class (Helsinki, Fridays) Next Class 17 Feb 2023 Helsinki Karoliina Valontaival



Helsinki - 3 Feb 2023 to 5 Feb 2023
Jonas Klingberg

Hearticulation,  exploring emotional embodiment & resilience

5Rhythms Heartbeat weekend with Jonas Klingberg

During this weekend together of articulating the heart we will give ourselves permission and space to find the grounded flow of our emotions. We will allow our feelings to find embodiment, expression and release.

We will practice the ability to face all range of emotions without loosing our center and connection with our body and breath. When we loose our body/breath connection, we cultivate the skill of finding our way back to our center.

In these days we will practice:

  • Being curious and compassionate with our body and feelings.
  • Being generous with our awareness and breath.
  • Inviting a sense of safety so we can stay present and more comfortable with our feelings.
  • Noticing the sensations of our emotions in our body, where and what?
  • Exploring and discovering our emotional vocabulary in our body.
  • Giving our feelings physical shapes, directions and movement.
  • Being open to the shift, changes and transformation of our emotions.

The 5Rhythms heartbeat map offers a somatic path to practice emotional awareness and intelligence through the movement language of our own bones and muscles. The five main emotional areas we investigate are fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion.

When we allow ourselves the practice of moving with and through any emotional nuances of being human, we will learn how to act instead of react. To stay centered in turbulence and vulnerability. To find a sense of presence and authenticity in relating to ourselves and others. To experience the gift and support of any emotion and the wisdom that they all guide us in the same direction, to awareness, truth and love.


225€ early bird price (until 6 Jan 2023)

250€ regular price



Boundaries and love: Staccato workshop

Helsinki - 31 Mar 2023 to 2 Apr 2023
Karoliina Valontaival

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.” - Brene Brown

“Boundaries are a prerequisite for compassion and empathy. We can’t connect with someone unless we are clear about where we end and they begin. If there is no autonomy between people, then there’s no compassion or empathy, just enmeshment.” - Brene Brown

IMPORTANT: Previous experience in the 5Rhythms practice is strongly recommended for this workshop (at least 5 weekly classes or one-day workshop), because this is a more advanced exploration and the very basics of the practice will not be covered. 

In this workshop we will dive into staccato, the second rhythm of the 5Rhythms practice. Staccato is an embodied journey into discovering and expressing your own truth and your inner voice. We will practice both the sensitivity and courage to give this voice expression through movement, shapes, and breath.

Staccato also invites us to explore authentic connection to ourselves and others. A safe connection to another can be made, when we recognise our own boundaries, feel safe with ourselves and have the courage to say yes and no. Boundaries enable us to have a healthy sense of connection as well as separateness and individuality. We will explore the physical outlines and edges of our body, the surface of our skin which both protects us and gives us the boundary between our inner space and the outer world. Where do I begin and where do I end? Through movement we can gain a sense of our own space and we can explore how can I hold my ground, have the courage to take space, while being mindful of the space between myself and another. Through dancing and different exercises, we can explore what it is like to set a boundary (or not), how and when the body says yes or no, and how we can tune into this embodied compass within us. Being able to say a wholehearted YES means we also need to recognise when to say no. When do your boundaries protect and serve us? When do they become a limitation? What is your relationship to boundaries - are they familiar, unfamiliar, clear, fuzzy, too tight, too loose? How do we love ourselves and others through having boundaries? How can we be clear and loving at the same time?

Welcome to this journey just as you are. This workshop is essentially about offering the space for inquiry, wonder, and curiosity - and a safe space to be imperfect and to not know. You don’t need to have any answers ready, and you might not find the answers to all your questions in the space of a weekend. Getting to know and exploring your boundaries is ultimately a lifelong process, which shows up in different ways in different life circumstances. Welcome to explore who you are and what you need today, here and now.


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Karoliina Valontaival Helsinki   Pleše od: 2005

“Love is not a mood but a dynamic way of being. Love is essentially the primal energy of all our emotions flowing, of really feeling and responding moment by moment, situation by situation. -Gabrielle Roth”

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