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Awakening Waves Next Class 30 Apr 2019 Dubai Michela Modolo
We Heart Saturdays Next Class 27 Apr 2019 Dubai Lina Nahhas
Spirit Moves Next Class 20 Apr 2019 Dubai Lina Nahhas
Ecstatic Fridays Next Class 17 May 2019 Dubai Lina Nahhas
Dancing Prayers Next Class 26 Apr 2019 Abu Dhabi Lina Nahhas


Manifest - It's an Inside Job

Dubai - 1 May 2019 to 4 May 2019
Evangelos Diavolitsis

Learn to dance and manifest the rhythms of abundance. 

By releasing the past and forgiving our ancestors, we will transform greed into generosity, hatred into love, confusion into clarity and boredom into opportunity. 

Move through limiting obstacles to flourishing in this lifetime and shift from Scarcity to Survive to Thrive to Manifest and into a state of open Abundance. 

 We will dance through the Money Archetypes of The Innocent, The Victim, The Martyr, The Fool and The Tyrant and re-wire our mind/body/spirit to The Magician, Warrior, and Creator/Artist that live inside all of us. The universe keeps sending us messages on how to create a life worth living. Our job is to get the stories out of the way and take possession of what is rightfully ours. Do you want to clear your unconscious family history around survival and wealth? 

Join us and let’s move into the “present”! If you have not participated in at least one of the two previous embodied money workshops, you will need to attend an information session before this workshop.  

No previous experience is required in order to participate in this transformative workshop. This workshop counts towards 5R Teacher Training electives pre-requisites.

Registration/ Information: Lina Nahhas, lina.omjood@gmail.com

Phone: 00-971 (0)50-450-959

Evangelos is a certified 5Rhythms® movement facilitator, meditation teacher and coach. His compassionate and investigative nature encourages students to view life challenges and conflicting emotions as an opportunity for personal growth and somatic transformation. He has a passion for integrating the path of awakening with movement, art and business. Evangelos regularly teaches across Canada, Asia, Europe and the Americas. meditationmoves.cameditationmoves.ca 


Lokalni Učitelji

Lina Nahhas Dubai Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2010

“"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together" - Archbishop Desmond Tutu”

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Michela Modolo Dubai   Pleše od: 2011

“"Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it." Martha Graham”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Maha Sarraf (Sweat SpaceHolder) Kampala   Pleše od: 2010

Više obavijesti i raspored
Elisabeth Grauss (Sweat SpaceHolder) Dubai   Pleše od: 2013

Više obavijesti i raspored
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