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San Francisco - 30 Jun 2020 to 28 Jul 2020
Vehllia Tranne - Alessandro Moruzzi

“Both Light and Shadow are the dance of love.” – Rumi

The 5Rhythms® (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness) form the map that gives us the possibility to dance our own life. Each rhythm has a physical gateway into our own energy, into our own dance.

We are in the midst of this tragic, unexpected and still unknown worldwide crises and still the earth  spins around the Sun. It is summer and its bright light warms us in longer days but also creates cold dark shadows.

In these long days of physical distancing and isolation many shadows might have appeared around our transformed and way of life. Somehow we learned to cope with this tsunami of difficult change and uncertainty most of the time but waves of disconcert are often sneaking unexpectedly to challenge the balance of our daily life.

Things we like about ourselves we tend to bring them to light. Things we dislike we keep in the shadow, not to be faced, not to be seen. They are there, they exist. Inevitably.

Exploring the shadow side of the Rhythms, moving through them within our bodies in our own home,  give us new tools for a better understanding of ourselves and a chance for transformation. From being frozen to being fluid, from being tense to being determined, from being lost to being clear, from being spaced out to being present, from being numb to being connected to Spirit.

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” - Hafiz 


Mother Tongue: Medicine Mandala A Property Wide Celebration

Big Sur - 26 Jul 2020 to 31 Jul 2020
Lucia Horan

 Live Musicians: Tim Costa, Jessica Rose Strong & Nick Ayers

Artist: Martha Peabody & Tracy Powell 

“Rhythm is our universal mother tongue. It is the language of the soul.” Gabrielle Roth

The universal nature of stillness and movement cross the boundaries that normally divide us and bring us into realms that can unify language, culture, race, gender and religion. It is through the spirit of interconnection that we may dissolve our conflicts and find peace. Through sweat and stillness we will ride the rhythms of the mother tongue and return to the truth of self-realization.

 You are invited to join us for a week of property wide celebration through the lineage of the 5Rhythms & Insight meditation. 

Silent introspection and movement awareness offer us the possibility to unlock the gateways of healing, celebration and joy. Together we will build an environment that cultivates the skillfulness to create peace, balance and well-being. 

The 5Rhythms teaches how energy moves and where it gets stuck. The rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness, help us to better understand our inner and outer landscapes. Insight meditation brings the stillness required to quiet the nervous system and still the mind. 

The Buddha instructed that meditation should be practiced standing, sitting and laying down. It is not enough to practice only in stillness, on the cushion, mat or dance floor. We need the full spectrum of stillness and movement to direct the heart mind towards waking up in all aspects of life. 

This workshop will include:

5Rhythms Dance (expect both gentle & vigorous movement) 

Seated Meditation

Walking Meditation

Sound Healing 

Gentle Stretching and deep relaxation


Lokalni Učitelji

Sayrah Garrison Oakland, California Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2001

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Lao Tzu”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Vehllia Tranne San Francisco, California Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2010

“I dance to rediscover, remember, recreate, and to return to love. It takes courage to live one's truth. Your courage breeds courage in me. Will you join me and dance our truth?”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Masayo Benoist Los Angeles, California Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2009

Više obavijesti i raspored
Daniela Peltekova Los Angeles, California Podučava Od: 2007  

“We are Gods and Goddesses with a global case of human amnesia. We dance to remember, we dance to forget, we dance to let go, to heal the cells of our body-mind and reignite the crystal imprints of our souls.”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Alessandro Moruzzi San Francisco, California Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2008

“Rain, oceans are my Flowing. Street traffic, crowds chatting are my Staccato. Waterfalls, pounding jack hammers are my Chaos. Winds, hummingbirds are my Lyrical. Echoes of drops in a cave, my breaths are my Stillness.”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Jacia Kornwise Chico, California Podučava Od: 2004 Pleše od: 1990

“Dance when your broken open. Dance when you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free. Rumi”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Jo Bainbridge Cobbett Los Angeles, California Podučava Od: 1997 Pleše od: 1988

“this dance is my practice; my presence, playfulness and passion meet
and the truest sense of my self emerges
here i connect to source & know my depth ”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Kiaora Fox Santa Barbara, California Podučava Od: 2016 Pleše od: 1983

Više obavijesti i raspored
Mackenzie Amara Zürich Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2009

“A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having. ”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Christina Graham-Smith San Diego, California Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2007

“Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it.- Martha Graham ”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Margaret Wagner San Francisco, California Podučava Od: 2004 Pleše od: 2000

“Discover your ground, define your passion and voice, dissolve what holds you back, delight in your originality, dance with whatever is in the moment.”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Davida Taurek San Rafael, California Podučava Od: 1987 Pleše od: 1987

“We reside in our body to express the unique and amazing being living inside. Telling the truth through the body liberates us from the confines of social structure and hardened beliefs of self. In other words, dancing ROCKS!”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Bella Dreizler Sacramento, California Podučava Od: 2008 Pleše od: 2001

“Not complicated. Breath & gravity: fluidity, clarity, release. Repeat again. Teaching embodied physical practice in the context of a shamanic 5 rhythms wave. This is what delivers authentic insight. Must be present to win.”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Tom Truman Santa Cruz, California Podučava Od: 2016 Pleše od: 2006

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the heartbeat of the universe, to match your nature with nature.. Joseph Campbell”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Juliette Kunin Nevada City, California Podučava Od: 2010 Pleše od: 2001

“Keep dancing with that spark of truth that resides in all of us. Allow it to lead. Have the courage to leap, even when it is scary...”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Sylvie Minot Sausalito, California Podučava Od: 2001 Pleše od: 1994

““The body holds stories and old wounds, and medicine as well. It has the antidote to heal itself. Through moving, we release our stories and allow healing to come through.” - Sylvie Minot”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Jay and Amber Kaplan California Podučava Od: 1994  

Više obavijesti i raspored
Margaret Price San Rafael, California Podučava Od: 2004  

Više obavijesti i raspored
Aaron Lifshin San Francisco, California Podučava Od: 2016 Pleše od: 2010

“What a surprise it was to find all the answers in the body, not the mind.”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Jenelle Smith (Teacher In Training) Laguna Beach, California   Pleše od: 1997

“"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." Joseph Campbell”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Eleanor Shannon (Teacher In Training) Ojai, California   Pleše od: 2008

“On the other side of fear lies freedom. ”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Majica Alba (Teacher In Training) Sacramento, California   Pleše od: 2008

“My job is to hold a sacred space where people can see what is already there.”

Više obavijesti i raspored
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