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Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit? ~G. Roth

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Natural Mystic

Driggs - 29 Jun 2024 to 30 Jun 2024
Heeraa Sazevich

Explore vital connections to elemental energies - Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether - through this powerful, healing movement practice, The 5Rhythms®. Emerge more grounded, clearer, more fluid, lighter and at peace. Through embodiment, we receive valuable insights about how energy works within us, how it interacts with others in relationship and the world. Embodying these universal energies, we experience how they shape our lives and relationships and find greater balance and peace with all.

Open to all levels of experience and abilities

Flow connects us to our Earthy body and intuition. We find our ground and cultivate nurturance. Staccato ignites the Fire of our clarity, vision, expression and passion. Chaos cleanses us in it’s deep, wild waters. The path of least resistance, the Water element sweeps us into surrender and let go. Lyrical is the natural outcome of this wave of energy. We lighten up in the open field of Air, expanded, uninhibited and spontaneous. Landing in Stillness, we merge into Ether where all divisions cease and we are connected to all.

"Movement is the movement of change. In my experience, if you put your psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is the medicine. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman." ~ Gabrielle Roth, Founder of the 5Rhythms

Workshop June 29 & 30

Saturday 11:00 am - 6:30 pm & Sunday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Space is limited. Registering in advance will secure your spot. 

Fees are tiered. You could use some financial support, can pay the regular fee or you care to pay a little extra to help someone attend. 

$175 - Would appreciate support - $195 Regular exchange - $225 Pay it forward

Payment options: Cash, check, Venmo or Paypal

In the event of a cancellation one week prior to the workshop, you will be refunded minus $50.

All workshop hours count towards 5Rhythms teacher training. This is a WAVES level workshop. 


Annual Fall Retreat

Lava Hot Springs - 1 Nov 2024 to 3 Nov 2024
Heeraa Sazevich

 Annual fall retreat - Dance & SOAK in the healing waters of Lava Hot Springs.

Details TBA

Friday 7 - 10 pm

Sat & Sun 10 - 5


Lokalni Učitelji

Jonathan Horan New York, New York Podučava Od: 1986 Pleše od: 1970

“My dance is my connection to the divine.”

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Heeraa Sazevich Salt Lake City, Utah Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 1997

“Life is a dance… stones dance as surely as stars. A rock is a slow dance; a flower is a little faster… Osho”

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Dominique Jackson Denver, Colorado   Pleše od: 1974

“Moving towards the light. Navigating in the light. Generating the light from within. Sometimes it's difficult to find the light switch in the darkness. How easy it is to see, once we turn on the light. ”

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Jody Henley (Sweat SpaceHolder) Idaho Falls, Idaho   Pleše od: 2015

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Teresa Simmons (Sweat SpaceHolder) Teton, Idaho   Pleše od: 1975

“Swaying with the bleeding pulse offered by a faint drum, I discovered wings tightly tucked inside my heart. Spreading the delicate fabric, I lifted off, soared, fell, and courageously, I danced again, inspired by the tides of connection.”

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