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Lava Hot Springs - 3 Nov 2023 to 5 Nov 2023
Heeraa Sazevich

This 5Rhythms® workshop invites you to come home to embodied presence through the conscious connection to breath.

Breath - our vital connection to life itself - has long been the tool of choice in meditation. Bringing our awareness to consciously connecting to breath while we move can truly take us on a deep journey. It is our most intimate support for letting existence in and also letting go. Our vitality and passion is fueled by allowing ourselves to be filled with it. Inviting breath into forgotten corners of our being , we can dance them into light and love. We allow breath to touch our hearts and open space to feel and heal. 

Looking forward to deliciously and generously inhaling and exhaling with you! Open to all levels of experience.

Early Bird by Oct 1 $225*

After Oct 1, $250*

*Registration links coming soon!

Getting there and accommodations:

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho is located in SE Idaho. Closest large airport is Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a 2.5 hour drive from there. It is a tint town; once there, everything is within walking distance including the workshop venue. Ride shares may be possible. Please contact Heeraa for assistance.

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation. Many hotels have their own hot springs. Please contact Heeraa for suggestions.

Friday 7 -10

Saturday & Sunday 10 - 5:30 


Lokalni Učitelji

Jonathan Horan New York, New York Podučava Od: 1986 Pleše od: 1970

“My dance is my connection to the divine.”

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Heeraa Sazevich Salt Lake City, Utah Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 1997

“Life is a dance… stones dance as surely as stars. A rock is a slow dance; a flower is a little faster… Osho”

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Dominique Jackson Denver, Colorado   Pleše od: 1974

“Moving towards the light. Navigating in the light. Generating the light from within. Sometimes it's difficult to find the light switch in the darkness. How easy it is to see, once we turn on the light. ”

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Jody Henley (Sweat SpaceHolder) Idaho Falls, Idaho   Pleše od: 2015

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Teresa Simmons (Sweat SpaceHolder) Teton, Idaho   Pleše od: 1975

“Swaying with the bleeding pulse offered by a faint drum, I discovered wings tightly tucked inside my heart. Spreading the delicate fabric, I lifted off, soared, fell, and courageously, I danced again, inspired by the tides of connection.”

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