Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?

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Retrieve The Soul

Goteborg - 21 Nov 2020 to 21 Nov 2020
Prateeksha Katarina Thundal

An opportunity  to find your own flow of life and connect with your own voice.

Time: 16-19

For booking:5rhythmsmove@gmail.com


Lokalni Učitelji

Berit Hague Stockholm Podučava Od: 2004 Pleše od: 1990

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Prateeksha Katarina Thundal Stockholm Podučava Od: 2010 Pleše od: 2004

“Everything is stored in our body and our body can not lie. What we resist persist. Letting go is all we can do for a healing transformation.”

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Susanne Nilsson Stockholm   Pleše od: 2003

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy. -Rabindranath Tagore”

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Jonas Klingberg Stockholm Podučava Od: 2004 Pleše od: 1993

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Jenny Knecht Nordmaling Podučava Od: 2007 Pleše od: 1989

“"Living from the heart, Awakening through motion"”

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Louise Hall (Sweat SpaceHolder) Baskemoella   Pleše od: 2015

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