„Pleši sam da bi otkrio tko si.
Pleši s drugima da bi otkrio s kim si.
Pleši u grupi kako bi otkrio svoje mjesto. Pokreni svoju psihu i sama će se iscijeliti“ Gabrielle Roth

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URBAN WAVES Zagreb Silvija Tomcik

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Keys to embodiment - 5R as PRACTICE

Zagreb - 12 Feb 2023 to 12 Feb 2023
Lucija Glagolic Hora

 We are embodied whether we’re conscious of it or not. We live in this body and once it stops functioning life as we know it stops as well. But being embodied in a more conscious way gives us a chance to be aware of the connectedness of that physical part with other aspects of our being – our heart and mind, our soul and spirit. That’s what embodiemat actually is – reflection of that interconnectedness.

But if we are embodied whether we’re conscious of it or not, why would we need the keys to embodiment? Well, because that connection is not just one way. It’s not like our body receives other aspects of our being and reflects their condition and conditioning. Through shifting our posture, or way of moving, we can influence not only the suppleness of our body but also the flexiblity of heart, openness of mind or freedom of spirit.

How do the 5Rhythms help? With their different qualities, they each offer a possibility to explore different ways of moving – within our body, in relationship to others, through life. As a practice, through pleasure and simplicity of movement they give us an opportunity to learn and practice bringing back the fluidity, strength, freedom, creativity or peace to the parts of us that somewhere along the way got stuck, weak, restricted or restless.

But as any other practice, 5Rhythms don’t work in theory, we need to practice



Zagreb - 15 Apr 2023 to 15 Apr 2023
Silvija Tomcik


5Rhythms as perspective


15.04. Sunday, 10:30-17:30h

ZAGREB – Češki Dom

led by Silvija Tomčik

This workshop counts as 1 day of Waves level towards the Teacher Training. No previous experience needed.


Silvija Tomcik was introduced to Gabrielle Roth’s teachings through her book Maps to Ecstasy 22 years ago. It was a powerful encounter, which motivated Silvija to begin searching for 5Rhythms teachers with whom she could dance. She organized numerous 5Rworkshops in Croatia and Slovenia, bringing the practice for the first time to this part of the world. At the time she was working in the Center for Peace Studies and leading workshops on gender issues. She finished the Waves Teacher Training with Gabrielle in 2001, and Heartbeat Teacher Training in 2010. Silvija regularly teaches at weekend workshops and retreats internationally. In her teaching she combines clarity, with imagination, humour with wisdom and a great variety of music. Her grounded way of dancing is inspiring. She is passionate about the freedom of being in the body as a way of prompting everyone to discover their personal dance and healing movement.  


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Silvija Tomcik Zagreb Podučava Od: 2001  

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