„Pleši sam da bi otkrio tko si.
Pleši s drugima da bi otkrio s kim si.
Pleši u grupi kako bi otkrio svoje mjesto. Pokreni svoju psihu i sama će se iscijeliti“ Gabrielle Roth

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URBAN WAVES Zagreb Silvija Tomcik

Periodic Classes



Zagreb - 12 Jun 2022 to 12 Jun 2022
Thierry Francois

 “Maturity is the time of the soul, the essence of all you are; the keys are commitment and responsibility. The rehearsals are over, the show is on.”

Gabrielle Roth

A one-day workshop with 5 Rhythms and Gestalt to connect us to our essence, our center, our core, our maturity.

 We use the practice that allows us to explore as much as possible where we are ready to go, what we are ready to be.

Our center in movement, our ability to tap into whatever makes us feel united in our body, heart, mind, soul, spirit.

Our essence can be fluid, our core can be focused, our mind can be free, our soul can be funky and juicy, our spirit fulfilled. 

Essence is an investigation into what the present allows us, alone, with a partner, and in the collective field. 

“Existence precedes and rules essence.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

Gestalt (psychotherapy) and 5 Rhythms practice are two life philosophies that understand each other very well. 

5 Rhythms practice with its different energies or ways of being, invites us to experience our fluidity, our clarity, to loose ourselves in our dance, to get to know "the bearable lightness of being“ and to feel our inner calm. 

Gestalt therapy on the other hand gives us the opportunity to observe the process of what is going on in this moment without trying to explain it. Instead, we describe it and come to a way to adapt to it. This One day Workshop is about to let each of you exploring your Essence and practice your own being in motion. 

As a kid, Thierry started to attend ballet lessons and later, as an adolescent, he would travel miles just to go dancing. When he was about 20, he had an epiphany when he began to pursue theater with a strong desire to be on stage and to play, to express himself, to share with others and to be inspired by it all. Having received training in numerous other practices such as dance, mime and clown, his path led him to Gestalt therapy. He soon becomes a therapist and holds individual and group classes in Paris and Zagreb. In the early 2000s, he came across 5Rhythms that completely overwhelmed him, as he was finally able to integrate body work into his practice. The Rhythms also helped him explore other cultures, countries and teachings, traveling widely and dancing with numerous teachers. In 2010, he completed 5Rhythms teachers training with Gabrielle Roth, Waves level, and he is currently training for the Heartbeat level with Jonathan Horan. In addition, as a teacher, he is committed to working with men's groups, ManKind Project. He invests his enormous enthusiasm and experience into his work, communicating his passion in a creative, easygoing and humorous way.

The workshop is led in English with translation into Croatian if needed.

No previous experience required.

Location: Centar Meleta

Črnomerec 46, 10000, Zagreb


Sunday 10 am - 6 pm (with lunch break)


Reduced price for early applications is HRK 290 with a non-refundable deposit of HRK 150 until 25.05. The full price is 360 HRK. Working price is 180 HRK.

Information and contact:

admin@plesritmova.net, +385 (0)91 565 8084


Trilogy 2nd Module

Zagreb - 1 Jul 2022 to 3 Jul 2022
Silvija Tomcik

 This on-going committed group will dance and dive deeper together during these 3 modules over a year. The continuity in this type of work together, along with the exploratory work we do between modules, creates and provides a strong, safe and supportive group space for our sharing and learning. Our life becomes our dance, and our dance becomes our life.


1st Module: 04-06.3.2022. – Permission

2nd Module: 01 – 03.07.2022. – Surrender

3rd Module: 25-27.11.2022. – Let it be

“Silvija is warm, knowledgeable, funny, experienced, authentic, humble and oh so much more. Her colorful language and direct approach to teaching makes me laugh, cry, think and want to go deeper into myself. I love Silvija’s playful invitations. She always finds funny relatable examples, so familiar, so humorous, so humblingly human. She teaches from a place of experience, of knowing where emotions live in the body and how to move through this territory. Inviting you to explore and find out for yourself. Encouraging to follow your own movement patterns, inviting to explore new movements. Opening up to new possibilities.” Ruth, 5Rhythms dancer



Lokalni Učitelji

Zdenka Sajko Zagreb Podučava Od: 2004 Pleše od: 2000

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Lucija Glagolic Hora Zagreb Podučava Od: 2007 Pleše od: 1998

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Ivana Cicarelli Zagreb   Pleše od: 2007

“The best reason to move is because you can.”

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Silvija Tomcik Zagreb Podučava Od: 2001  

“"You belong to your body. Your body belongs to the Dance."”

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Lana Gorup Zagreb Podučava Od: 2016 Pleše od: 2005

“Feet on Earth know. - G.R.”

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Thierry Francois (Heartbeat In Training) Zagreb Podučava Od: 2010 Pleše od: 1999

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