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The body is the spirit's wife. ~ G. Roth

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RHYTHM & RITUAL Next Class 19 May 2024 Pittsburgh Alyssa Jurewicz-Johns
FlowState: 5Rhythms Sweat with Joel Stanley Next Class 6 Jun 2024 Somerville Joel Stanley
FlowState: 5Rhythms Sweat at JP Centre Yoga Next Class 29 Jun 2024 Boston Joel Stanley


Opening To Joy

Bath - 18 May 2024 to 19 May 2024
Andrew Holmes

Joy ~
It’s the one feeling we’d all like more of
And yet it often seems hard to find
And when it is possible, we don’t always choose to let it in..

This weekend, we’ll see if we can’t simplify our relationship with joy
Welcoming more of it into our bodies and hearts
In the midst of whatever else is going on in our lives

We’ll invite space and creativity,
Gratitude and generosity
To help us open and expand
Even in the company of suffering

And we’ll strengthen our capacity for wise innocence
That we might be more curious, more willing
More able to live in the moment with imagination and delight
Open to joy, and ready to choose life and love


Wavelength: Ways of Waves (5-Day Intensive)

Watertown - 24 May 2024 to 28 May 2024
Tammy Burstein

Tammy will be returning to Boston to teach a 5-day intensive, non-residential workshop on the 5Rhythms Waves.


Close your eyes. Feel into sitting on a beach or a boat or a balcony (or any other vantage point), by a lake, a river, the ocean, a pond, a pool… and bring your attention to the waves, small or large, lapping or crashing, and notice the subtle and not so subtle rhythms in each wave. Dip a toe in, or wade to your knees, or dive in head first through the portal of each unique wave, with its individual rhythm, as it dances you, pushes, pulls, and partners with you through a whole Wave, offering an embodied experience of all that each rhythm has to offer you.

In life, as on the dance floor. On the dance floor, as in life.

In this 5-day Waves intensive we will dive into each rhythm and explore it on the surface, in depth and in all the places in between, as we gift ourselves the time and permission to visit and revisit where we are in the now with the many facets of each rhythm.

Wavelength is for the new to the practice and the well-practiced, the beginner mind and the go-ahead blow my mind, the novice, the acolyte, the skeptic, the dreamer, the lover, the dancer, that are parts of each of us waiting to be moved together.

May I ask? Will you have this dance?

“Waves is where we start and where we come back to” – from the very first 5Rhythms® website


Room for 28 dancers - book early to guarantee your place (by February 29 for early bird prices)

Discounts for crew - email joelstanley@gmail.com

Provisional schedule:

Friday, May 24 to Tuesday, May 28, 2024

11:00am-6:30pm each day including 90 minutes lunch break

Registration at: https://bookwhen.com/5rhythmswithjoel/e/ev-shqn-20240524000000

Cost -

Early bird (extended! - until March 8): $515.00

Regular ticket: $565.00


Lokalni Učitelji

Megan Kelley Trenton, New Jersey   Pleše od: 2013

“"All life on earth depends on the freedom to move.” — David Attenborough ”

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Sayrah Garrison Princeton, New Jersey Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2001

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Lao Tzu”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Emmanuelle Rolland Kennebunkport, Maine Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2006

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances-" -Maya Angelou”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Rebekah Zhuraw Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Podučava Od: 2014 Pleše od: 2002

“Nothing lasts forever No one lives forever Keep that in mind, and love Our life is not the same old burden Our path is not the same long journey The flower fades and dies We must pause to weave perfection into the music Keep that in mind, and ”

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Andrea Adamczyk Albany, New York Podučava Od: 2010 Pleše od: 1994

“this is it....where my heart fell in love with my soul. ”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Alyssa Jurewicz-Johns (Teacher In Training) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   Pleše od: 2009

Više obavijesti i raspored
Tim Doody (Teacher In Training) Asbury Park, New Jersey   Pleše od: 2012

Više obavijesti i raspored
Nima Yazdanfar (Teacher In Training) Bethesda, Maryland   Pleše od: 2018

Više obavijesti i raspored
Joel Stanley (Teacher In Training) Boston, Massachusetts   Pleše od: 2006

“Bring movement to the situation”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Emiliano Ena (Sweat SpaceHolder) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   Pleše od: 2014

“"You have been invited to the Divine banquet, and here you are, crawling after crumbs" Sufi Wisdom ”

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