Once you get out of the way, the way becomes you and you become the way.

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Friday Flow Gold Coast Stephen McInnes

Periodic Classes

THE FREEDOM FREQUENCY Next Class 10 Jun 2022 Brisbane Honor Morningstar
THE RENAISSANCE COLLECTIVE Next Class 14 Jun 2022 Coolum Honor Morningstar


EMBODYSSEY 2022 BRISBANE: Year Long Program

Brisbane - 26 Feb 2022 to 4 Dec 2022
Honor Morningstar

Embark on a radical and revolutionary odyssey of evolution through the vehicle of movement and expression.


Using the 5Rhythms as our map, the body as our guide, movement as our fuel, and evolution as our destiny.

Five wisdoms.
Five weekend modules.
Five Sacred Tasks.
Online support.
One container.
One year.

This year-long odyssey is a powerful enquiry through dance into yourself as a Body of Work. We will be exploring the five wisdoms of the 5Rhythms dance/movement modality through five unique and aligned modules, as distilled by Honor Morningstar, in such a way that brings awareness, action, accountability, and alchemy.

This work is experiential and engaging.

Moving together with a dedicated circle of courageous kinsfolk, dancing for the duration of a year, as well as taking on a series of personal/practical quests, provides the framework for real ‘feet on the ground’ applications of this work. Your commitment and discipline are required.

Please visit https://honormorningstar.com/embodyssey for more information.


Lokalni Učitelji

Stephen McInnes Gold Coast, Queensland   Pleše od: 1997

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Jacqueline McInnes Gold Coast, Queensland   Pleše od: 2007

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Honor Morningstar Mullumbimby, New South Wales Podučava Od: 2007 Pleše od: 1997

“When we dance, the endless opportunity unfolds with each breath to be ourselves. To be alive with our own totally unique, idiosyncratic, wild and untamed spirit.”

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