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5Rhythms Sweat - RELEASING (Chaos) Next Class 24 May 2024 Prague Ladka Rosikova



Krásná Beskydy - 4 Jul 2024 to 7 Jul 2024
Olivia Palmer

 This workshop will be in English with translation into Czech.

We will stay at a venue in a beautiful place in nature which will help us move into a receptive state of openness and listening.

The aim is to bring healing through sisterhood and to place trust in the power of unity.

To rediscover your Wild Nature and restore your connection with others while bathing in the Spirit of true Sisterhood.

To reconnect with the deepest knowledge of our heart.

Sharing this process and experience with other women helps us find a place and time to heal, transform and empower ourselves.

Dance, deep listening, small rituals and songs to honour our body and its cycles are all valid ways to let the Wild Woman express herself in all her power. Especially if done together with other women.

Our wild side, often suppressed by centuries of conditioning, holds our primal feminine wisdom—the most authentic and instinctive part of ourselves. Together we can remember the power that comes with embracing the beautiful fullness of our feelings and of our own Wild nature.

Our wildness has a free spirit and a soul eager to discover new horizons, embracing life to the fullest, with wings widespread, ready to fly at any given moment.

We will use a blend of mindful movement and dance meditation through the 5Rhythms practice, writing, visualisation, and sharing to embrace our innate intuition, reconnecting with the raw wisdom dwelling in our bodies. In a safe and non-judgmental space to tune into our hearts and our bodies to feel and digest our own emotions and those of others. We will learn about the connection between emotions and the body and how to express emotions through breath, sound, movement, and touch.

Come alone or bring a sister, a friend...


Lokalni Učitelji

Ladka Rosikova (Teacher In Training) Prague   Pleše od: 2008

“Dance and live as if nobody is watching. Connect with truth of your life and body.”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Josef Tusa (Teacher In Training) Prague   Pleše od: 2012

““Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?” Bob Marley”

Više obavijesti i raspored
Sarka Provaznikova (Teacher In Training) Prague   Pleše od: 1998

Više obavijesti i raspored
Veronika Kocinakova (Sweat SpaceHolder) Brno   Pleše od: 2015

“And so we follow the little voice inside in our own rhythm in our own style to find the light within.”

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