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Periodic Classes

5Rhythms Sweat Next Class 20 Oct 2023 Prague Josef Tusa
5Rhythms Sweat Next Class 27 Oct 2023 Prague Ladka Rosikova
Deep Dive Next Class 22 Dec 2023 Brno Chris Camp



Prague - 13 Oct 2023 to 15 Oct 2023
Dagmar Cee - Jason Rowe

‘What we need to do is let go of the attachments that we carry, whether they be physical, emotional or mental so that we can celebrate our existence here.!’  Gabrielle Roth

What holds you back from letting go?

And as Gabrielle Roth said, ‘What will I find on the other side of all that I know?’

The 5Rhythms invite us not only to step into the unknown but to dance within it’s depths. A physical, emotional & mental surrender that strips away the unnecessary and delivers us into the present.

Come join us in this workshop as we weave together the Waves & Heartbeat maps of the 5Rhythms practice to awaken our intuition, open our hearts and free our bodies.



Prague - 8 Dec 2023 to 10 Dec 2023
Olivia Palmer

Beginnings & Endings

A Waves level week end workshop in Prague in the Czech Republic

Dancing the 5Rhythms and the Wave they create together helps us to accept that there is always a beginning, a middle and an end and to be present wherever we are in the Wave and cycles in our lives.

The days, the weeks, the year...seem to spiral so fast!


Milestones, markers, thresholds and gateways are all beginnings and all endings.

Sometimes they can be so quiet as to go unnoticed, or they can roar through our lives with a fierceness that leaves us shattered.

With practice, we can not only learn to notice life’s beginnings and endings, but we can also learn to celebrate and embrace them.

Flowing teaches that life is continuous.

Neverending. Everbeginning.

Staccato teaches that it has timing. 

It stops. It starts.

Chaos teaches about creation and destruction.

Lyrical teaches that life is full of patterns and possibilities

Stillness teaches that beginning and endings unite, until there is no difference. As one. Eternal. Never ending. From death comes life.

8 - 10 December 2023

Taiji Akademie

Polska 2400/1a, 120 00 Praha 2

3. Floor of bulding TJ Sokol Vinohrady

Producer: Ladka Rosikova

Contact: ladka.rosikova@email.cz




Lokalni Učitelji

Ladka Rosikova (Sweat SpaceHolder) Prague   Pleše od: 2008

“Dance and live as if nobody is watching. Connect with truth of your life and body.”

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Veronika Kocinakova (Sweat SpaceHolder) Brno   Pleše od: 2015

“And so we follow the little voice inside in our own rhythm in our own style to find the light within.”

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Josef Tusa (Sweat SpaceHolder) Prague   Pleše od: 2012

““Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?” Bob Marley”

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