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Trusting Intimacy - A Tantric Journey of Breath & Movement

Dubai - 16 Dec 2022 to 18 Dec 2022
Lina Nahhas

 Come all . . . and Go deeper with us on this Tantric Journey – TRUSTING INTIMACY“The opposite of Loneliness is not Togetherness, It's Intimacy” ― Richard Bach

Move deeply into what you crave and deserve more of in life. Inhale your own truth and exhale old ways of loving yourself and others. Explore what it feels like to be vulnerably alive in your own skin and have the right to choose how you share it in new ways!After exploring the fields of Trust and Trusting Pleasure in our previous two modules, it is now time to really see each other the Tantra way – as complete souls that include the complementary powers (masc. & fem.) of life – both of which dwell in each of us. With that, comes the freedom and ease to feel fully whole in the way we move, express, feel, breathe, and simply being… in life and with eachother. All a perfectly beautiful breath-full dance!

Get ready to enjoy:

* * Exactly what intimacy means to you and why

* Add more heart into every movement and expression

* Find out what your body needs to open to deeper intimacy

* Feel the freedom to expand your personal boundaries and share space

* Discover how breathing and movement can open creative energies for safety and joy* Ignite and express your deepest desires and pleasures 

* Access states of awareness and love that transcend time


*** This is a third and final module of a trilogy series offered by JD & Lina. -Whilst each may be attended independently, diving into the entire trilogy provides deeper embodiment of the work. Hence, for those who have not attended either of the first two modules (TRUST and/or TRUSTING PLEASURE), it is a pre-requisite to attend the extra Thursday evening session of revision of previous two modules, to benefit fully from this module’s work. -Thursday evening session may also be attended by participants of previous modules, at half price, should they wish to revisit the general themes of the work.


** Thurs Dec 15: 7pm-10pm (Pre-requisite to newcomers / Recommended optional revision for previous participants)

** Fri. Dec 16: 7pm-10pm

⁣** Sat 17th & Sun 18th: 10:30am - 6:30pm⁣⁣


** 250 dhs – For Thurs Dec 15th revision session (Newcomers) // 125 dhs (Participants of either previous modules) *

* 1650 dhs – Full workshop Fri-sat: if booked and paid after Nov 30th

** 1450 dhs Early Bird – Full workshop Fri-Sat: If booked and paid by Nov 30th ⁣

VENUE: Dubai central location – TBC

BOOKINGS:Spaces limited. Book soon to secure your spot and avail of Early Bird savings here: http://www.thesamenessproject.com/trusting-intimacy-booking-form** PLEASE do follow the provided steps to book your spot – Step 1: Fill out the booking form – Step 2: Make payment transfer to provided bank details OR Cash to Lina and/Or JD.


Breathwork:J.D. Thomas, founder of Proactive Breath and Bodywork, has spent the last 2 decades sharing the most efficient practices available of breathing, psychology, and intimacy work. He has offered live events in 5 out of 7 continents on the globe, inspiring individuals to access their inner strengths & truth, and offering them the tools to live the life they crave and deserve. J.D. is the author of three books, and now resides in Istanbul, Turkey with his wife and daughter.

Movement:Lina Nahhas, an Arab-Canadian entrepreneur based in Dubai, was one of the first to bring 5Rhythms® creative dynamic practice to the region in 2010 by organizing international workshops. Her passion for the work has led her to Waves® level teacher certification by 2014, weaving teaching into her life whilst running her social innovation & Empathy-building work via The Sameness project.“The impact that the 5Rhythms® has had in my life, remains magical. One of the sentences repeated constantly by those who attend 5Rhythms® classes is ˜I feel so free to be me”. And it remains so for me too each time, no matter what “me” looks and feels like in the moment of that day! Invoking deeper presence, the 5Rhythms helps my soul inhabit its freedom and lightness in alignment with body, heart and mind with spirit, to savour life more fully and experience ease, by simply tuning in to the natural movement of my body and that of the cosmic dance holding it all”



Dubai - 17 Feb 2023 to 19 Feb 2023
Silvija Tomcik


Heartbeat Level

Led by Silvija Tomčik

17-19. 02. 2023. DUBAI

“The first creative task is to free the body to experience the power of being.

The second major task is to express the heart, freeing the emotions to experience the power of loving.”

Gabrielle Roth

On this weekend workshop we will explore the energy of our emotions. Transforming our relationship to them, by expressing and releasing what we still carry, we will find a way back to their purity and directness in the moment.

Following Gabrielle’s Heartbeat map we will work with the five basic emotions — fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion, and all their nuances that we don’t even need to name. These are an essential and vital part of what we feel when we feel love. When we love, our hearts are challenged to feel the full range of our emotions. Our practice is to find the fluidity from one to another, the honesty of emotion with ourselves and others, the clear embodiment that allows us to stay grounded and centred when a Wave of any emotion passes through us.

Silvija Tomčik, Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher (Waves and Heartbeat level). Silvija has been organizing 5 Rhythms for more then 20 years and teaching regularly both nationally and internationally for the last 20 years.

She brings her passion in a grounded way, teaching in a clear and imaginative way, blending humour with wisdom.

“Thank you for your clarity, enthusiasm and also your curiosity and care — I have an experience of a human kindness in you which is incalculable in its worth — yes very precious. It’s like you cherish each person.” 

Nancy Harrison, 5Rhythms Teacher

“I experience Silvija as someone vital, honest and present. The way she speaks and teaches, she is one with what is. This brings everyone to the here and now with passion and compassion. Her humor and respect at the same time are contagious to the group and make her work both deep and transformational.”

Milena Nenkova, Director of Essence Foundation, Bulgaria


Maestros Locales

Michela Modolo Dubai   Baila desde: 2011

“"Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it." Martha Graham”

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Lina Nahhas Dubai Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2010

“"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together" - Archbishop Desmond Tutu”

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Elisabeth Grauss (Sweat SpaceHolder) Dubai   Baila desde: 2013

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Maha Sarraf (Sweat SpaceHolder) Kampala   Baila desde: 2010

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