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Soul Archetypes

Dubai - 13 Jan 2018 to 24 Feb 2018
Lina Nahhas

 “Each soul is unique, and we are called upon to break out of the minimum security prison of conformity and mediocrity to experience our soul’s true magic and power. Like a plant, it needs to be nurtured to grow and blossom, and to be freed from the entangling obscuring weeds that tend to take over. The soul is an artist. Its nature is to create, and its natural expression is in the sacred archetypal roles of the dancer, the singer, the poet, the actor and the healer” 

Gabrielle Roth 

In this series, we journey into waking up the soul by exploring each archetypal sacred role through our movement 

Urban Tribe Studio – 11am-2pm (enter Urban Tribe Events on Googlemaps)

•Saturday Jan 13th: Freeing the Dancer

•Saturday Jan 20th: Expressing the Singer

•Saturday Feb 10th: Releasing the Poet

•Saturday Feb 17th: Awakening the Actor

•Saturday Feb 24th: Embodying the Healer

250 Dhs per single session // 1000 Dhs for package of full series

No previous experience required. 

All hours count towards 5R Teacher Training Waves level pre-requisites.

For info/bookings contact Lina: 050-450-9595


Open the Box!

Dubai - 23 Mar 2018 to 24 Mar 2018
Adam Barley

We can get lost in the day to day shuffle of papers, keyboards, day-jobs, traffic jams, push-buttons and news flashes, with the needs of our loved ones and colleagues all pressing for our time and attention, not to mention the subtle demands of acceptable ways of being that we’ve taken on. Playing to other people’s rules without even knowing it, we can get lost somewhere deep inside ourselves and wander through our days with anything between bottled up fury to a vague sense of missing something vital.

“There must be more than this!”

We all need to take time out from our busy lives to cut loose, express our feelings, and let go of all those rules, in a place that’s safe enough to trust our own flow, with no judgement about who we are or seem to be.

This is that space. Whatever shape you’re in, you’re welcome to come dive in, let go of your headtrips, and open your box.


Local Teachers

Lina Nahhas Dubai Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2010

“"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together" - Archbishop Desmond Tutu”

More Information and Schedule
Michela Modolo (Teacher In Training) Dubai   Dancing Since: 2011

“"Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it." Martha Graham”

More Information and Schedule
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