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We Heart Saturdays Next Class 27 Oct 2018 Dubai Lina Nahhas

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LIVE WIRE III: Silhouettes

Dubai - 18 Oct 2018 to 20 Oct 2018
Lorca Simons


What is hidden by light

Silhouette reveals

Caressing the darkness

Decorating dreams as real

Slipping behind the screen

Seduced by shadow

We enter the unpredictable landscape of SILHOUETTE

Exploring the electric shape shifting world of ritual theatre

Unlocking the laboratory door Live Wire: Silhouette will seduce you deeper into your dance like never before. Unlocking those stories the body is longing to tell. Inviting shapeshifting magic to unfold. Rewiring, realigning and returning back to what’s most original and true. 

Emma and Lorca’s strength of holding the creative trapeze will take you to new depths of the unknown to a taste of freedom, Reel to Real. Live Wire. Be prepared to fall into not knowing and the space between.

‘We are everything and nothing’.

The landscape will be experimental, exciting, different, offering a fresh perspective on who you think you are....

A sizzler Wire!

“The theatre that interests me is a mystery that starts inside of you.It is magnified through your curiosity, illuminated by your breath and discovered deep inside your soul.” - Lorca Simons

Note: Silhouette is a Ritual Theatre Lab in the "LIVE WIRE" series created by Lorca Simons and counts as an elective in 5R Teacher Training programme


Thursday Oct. 18: 7-9:30pm

Friday Oct 19: 11-5pm

Saturday Oct. 20: 11-5pm

Venue: TBC


1350 dhs regular full price (includes Thurs)

1150 dhs if paid in full by October 4th

200 dhs Thursday night only


The Tao of Loving

Dubai - 21 Feb 2019 to 23 Feb 2019
Adam Barley

 Love is not just a feeling, it’s an action too. Emotional energies naturally become action if we follow them through.

Being willing to face our fear: gives us courage to move. Dynamic Loving

Expressing our anger all the way: brings us to forgiveness. Fierce Loving

Truly releasing into sadness: we can surrender to life. Total Loving

Being full of joy: we become naturally generous. Delightful Loving

And compassion: simply is service. Open Loving

This is the Tao of Loving: courageous, forgiving, surrendered, and generously in service.

So here is our practice — to move through our emotional world deeply enough to not only feel love but to be loving. To open up the pathways from fear to love in movement, so that our feelings become an offering to the world around us.


Local Teachers

Lina Nahhas Dubai Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2010

“"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together" - Archbishop Desmond Tutu”

More Information and Schedule
Michela Modolo Dubai   Dancing Since: 2011

“"Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it." Martha Graham”

More Information and Schedule
Maha Sarraf (Sweat SpaceHolder) Kampala   Dancing Since: 2010

More Information and Schedule
Elisabeth Grauss (Sweat SpaceHolder) Dubai   Dancing Since: 2013

More Information and Schedule
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