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Unfolding Consciousness - Waves & Heartbeat

Prague - 27 Sep 2017 to 1 Oct 2017
Marc Lendfers

Unfolding Consciousness - 5 days Intensive

The body teaches us all about presence. Being present is the foundation for every meditation. When we become more conscious about the way our body is moving, the more present we get. When we are present, there is space to feel what is going on in our heart in the present moment. The heart teaches us all about loving. We are able to feel the emotions in our heart, and are able to follow the ways our body is shaped by these emotions. The more we become conscious about our emotional world, the more space there will be for becoming a loving compassionate human being.

Becoming present and even more, staying present, needs practice. It is not a trick to learn. It is a practice, and the more we practice the more ways we start to know to return back to that present state of being. The same applies to the emotional state of the heart. Being conscious means to ability to know where you are in the journey. Knowing that you don’t know what you feel is a conscious state of being. You know where you are within the journey of life. Being conscious is not always comfortable, it can be a right in the face, but it to me it is a blessing to be there.

With the 5Rhythms as practice to investigate our movements and our emotions we will unfold our consciousness layer after layer. Movement and breath is our container and will support us to deal with whatever shows up underneath the layers we peal of.

This workshop is Waves and Heartbeat level. The Waves part of this workshop is grounded in the Body Mind awareness with the 5Rhythms as our meditation practice. The Heartbeat part guides us through the emotional landscape of the heart. There are no prerequisites needed for this workshop.The hours for this workshop count as prerequisits for the Teacher Training.


You, Me, and Us

Prague - 10 Nov 2017 to 12 Nov 2017
Adam Barley

Here we use the rhythms to move through relationships – how to be alone, with someone else, and part of a group.

Can you be at peace in your own company, or are you on edge, needing someone else’s attention? When you’re with someone else do you usually lead, follow or improvise? Can you be yourself or do you act nice and stay in control at all costs? Can you trust yourself enough to open up and be vulnerable with others? When you’re in a group of people do you hide out or barge in? How do you find your place and fill your role? Do you know how to change things when you want to? 

The 5 Rhythms are in the end a pathway to love, from love, with love. The body tells the truth, so we get to see what we’re up to, but being physical is also a highly effective way to let go, move on and explore new pathways. And the wonderful thing about it is, you don’t have to think too much about it. 

Move, breathe, pay attention, and be open to learn. Things can change. 


Local Teachers

Josef Tusa (Sweat SpaceHolder) Brno   Dancing Since: 2011

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn. - The Internet”

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