„Pleši sam da bi otkrio tko si.
Pleši s drugima da bi otkrio s kim si.
Pleši u grupi kako bi otkrio svoje mjesto. Pokreni svoju psihu i sama će se iscijeliti“ Gabrielle Roth

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URBAN WAVES Zagreb Silvija Tomcik

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Passing Sorrow

Zagreb - 2 Nov 2018 to 4 Nov 2018
Tammy Burstein

“Sadness signals the need to release an attachment.  It is a symptom from the heart that warrants heeding.  And if we learn to sing the blues of our life, we’ll discover soon enough that expressing sadness inevitably yields joy.” – Gabrielle Roth

A passing sorrow enters the heart, opens the heart, expresses itself, releases like a swift and sudden storm, and is as suddenly gone, relieved, put to rest.

But there are some sorrows we can’t seem to get past, some big, some little, all holding us in, keeping us out, hanging on instead of letting go. We pass them on to our friends, lovers, and families.  We find ourselves frozen in their Wave, unable to get past then and move on to now.  We miss out on the medicine of sorrow to connect us and instead allow sorrow to separate us, isolate us, keep us past tense.

In this Heartbeat workshop we’ll be led by the 5Rhythms as we give ourselves permission to move with our waves of sorrow.  We’ll investigate allowing them in and how we keep them out, passing on and getting past, hanging on and letting go.  We’ll explore finding the light touch of the strong and tenderized heart, and even as we practice getting past the sorrow that keeps us from life, allowing sorrow to become a gateway to compassion for all of life.

Let’s join together, from each of hearts creating the compassionate heart.



Zagreb - 30 Nov 2018 to 2 Dec 2018
Silvija Tomcik

"The first creative task is to free the body to experience the power of being. The second major task is to express the heart, freeing the emotions to experience the power of loving." GABRIELLE ROTH

In this Ongoing group through our 3 modules we will explore the energy of the emotions. Transforming our relationship to them, expressing and releasing what we still carry, to find a way back to their purity and directness in the moment. 

Following Gabrielle’s map we will work with five basic emotions – fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion, and all their variations that we don’t even need to name. These are essential and vital part of what we feel when we feel love. When we love, our hearts are challenged to feel the full range of emotions. Our practice is to find the fluidity from one to another, the honesty with ourselves and others, the clear embodiment that allows us to stay grounded and centered when a wave of any emotion is passing through us.


The group will dance and dive deeper together for three modules over a year. The continuity in this type of work together with the exploratory work we do between modules creates and provides a strong, safe and supporting group space for our sharing and learning. Our life becomes our dance, and our dance becomes our life.


Local Teachers

Silvija Tomcik Zagreb Teaching Since: 2001  

“"You belong to your body. Your body belongs to the Dance."”

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Ivana Cicarelli Zagreb   Dancing Since: 2007

“The best reason to move is because you can.”

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Lana Gorup Zagreb Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2005

“Feet on Earth know. - G.R.”

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Romana Soldo Zagreb Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2004

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Lucija Ana Glagolic Hora Zagreb Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1998

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Thierry Francois Zagreb Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 1999

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