„Pleši sam da bi otkrio tko si.
Pleši s drugima da bi otkrio s kim si.
Pleši u grupi kako bi otkrio svoje mjesto. Pokreni svoju psihu i sama će se iscijeliti“ Gabrielle Roth

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Sun and Moon Dance

Zagreb - 4 Sep 2021 to 5 Sep 2021
Zdenka Sajko

 SUN AND MOON DANCE, 5Rhythms® workshop

The open, mystical space of the top of the Mosor mountain next to the coastal town of Split calls us to step outside our ordinary space and time – 700 m above the sea level, detached from the everyday life, supported by the deep silence of the solitary mountain and rocks, by the open sky and the magic of the Moon, the stars and the Sun, by the wide vista that spreads beyond and even further over the sea horizon.

The silence and the serenity of the night and the bright promise of the new day are the symbolic backdrop to this workshop and to our moving meditation. This sacred space and time will give us an opportunity for the dance to soften us up, to dissolve the resistances and ideas we have about ourselves and others, to melt our hearts and connect us to each other, to clear out everything redundant and leave us in an empty space for everything that wants to come in our lives.

At the top of the mountain, closer to the source and the spirit of all things, liberated from the petty everyday living, we will be given a chance to put our intentions into motion and manifestation, through the rituals of the Moon and the Sun, using our breath, body, movement and awareness.

May the sky and the stars move in our favour, may they help expand our consciousness and our experience of ourselves and our world, just as the view from the top of the mountain expands into the vastness above and below us; may the presence that is deeper and wider than the horizon open while we call upon the stars to join us in our dance of magic, beauty and aliveness.

You are welcome!


Local Teachers

Zdenka Sajko Zagreb Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 2000

More Information and Schedule
Lucija Glagolic Hora Zagreb Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1998

More Information and Schedule
Ivana Cicarelli Zagreb   Dancing Since: 2007

“The best reason to move is because you can.”

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Silvija Tomcik Zagreb Teaching Since: 2001  

“"You belong to your body. Your body belongs to the Dance."”

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Lana Gorup Zagreb Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2005

“Feet on Earth know. - G.R.”

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Thierry Francois (Heartbeat In Training) Zagreb Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 1999

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