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Inner Compass

Helsinki - 13 Oct 2023 to 15 Oct 2023
Mirjam Van Hasselt

Emotions are our inner signposts.

Emotions tell us where we stand in life.

Emotions tell us how we are affected by the events in us and around us.

Physical events in the world around us and in our lives. But also, thoughts and inner events.

In this workshop we explore the messages our emotions have for us. Learning to feel them and express them are ways of getting to know the signposts.

We’re feeling and reading ourselves at the same time.

It doesn’t necessary mean that our emotions tell us the “truth.”

They tell us our relationship to what is happening.

The moment we’re able to read, feel and to some extend understand our feelings they help us navigating live in a way that is in line with our inner being.


Gateways to Presence

Helsinki - 24 Nov 2023 to 26 Nov 2023
Karoliina Valontaival

 Coming soon!


Maestros Locales

Karoliina Valontaival Helsinki   Baila desde: 2005

“Love is not a mood but a dynamic way of being. Love is essentially the primal energy of all our emotions flowing, of really feeling and responding moment by moment, situation by situation. -Gabrielle Roth”

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