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New Beginnings: a New Year 5Rhythms workshop

Helsinki - 28 Jan 2024 to 28 Jan 2024
Karoliina Valontaival

Welcome to a one-day 5Rhythms® creative dance and movement meditation workshop. We will let go of the old year and create space for the new year through movement and embodied practice. 

Life and being human mean we’re amidst constant change. Transitioning into the new year can serve us as a time to pause and reflect on our past, present, and future: where we’ve been, how that is affecting us in the present moment, what else is happening here and now, how have we evolved and grown, what are we leaving behind. What is in front of us, and what is still in a bud, becoming.

Through dancing we’re approaching a liminal state: a transition state of in-between, where we are in the process of leaving something old behind us and the new is arriving in, but isn’t fully here yet. A liminal space is a state of being at a threshold, at the porous boundary between what is emerging and what is fading away. It is a space of “holy chaos”, where the seed and possibility of creative change exist within uncertainty. In and through the 5Rhythms® practice, we can learn to both tolerate the uncertainty and unpredictability of change as well as have the courage to step into the unknown. It’s a space of mystery that reveals new possibilities and directions.

The body is the cradle for transformation, healing and becoming whole. Dance allows us to process and bring something to completion, find closure, to empty ourselves of what we no longer need, and begin with a clean slate. Dancing can invite us to take conscious, courageous steps towards what we truly want and need this year. This workshop is also an opportunity to practice embodied gratitude and acceptance, allowing us to move forward with grace. 


Theatre Academy

Haapaniemenkatu 6



90€ Super Early Bird (until 8.12.2023)

105€ Early Bird (until 1.1.2024)

130€ Full price


Bliss: 5-day Waves residential retreat in Finland

Helsinki - 16 Jul 2024 to 20 Jul 2024
Karoliina Valontaival

Welcome to a dance holiday in the wonderful, restorative beauty of Finnish nature! “Bliss” is a residential retreat, a summer paradise for moving and resting, with the 5Rhythms dance supported by breathwork. Awaken your senses, free your creativity, tune into your body and breath, and melt and release into deep rest. Dancing is offered twice a day, morning and evening. In between, there is ample time to swim, read or write, enjoy nature or just be. This holiday gives space for solitude and togetherness, as well as the opportunity to follow what you need in the moment. The luscious lake landscape, delicious local food, sauna and natural peace invite you into a journey of rejuvenation and earthly embodied delights. A heartfelt welcome just the way you are!

The venue is a fantastic, unique place situated in the beauty of Finnish nature. Amazing food and beautiful surroundings will nourish all your senses. The majestic dance room has windows and views of the lake scenery, and walls can be opened on both sides, temperature and weather permitting, so that we are almost dancing in nature herself (and you can also go and dance on the grass outside). 

This workshop counts as 5 days of Waves towards the teacher training prerequisites.


The venue is easily reached by public transport from Helsinki (about 2 hours) and workshop start and end times are planned according to the bus schedules.

• Fly to Helsinki

• Train or bus to the centre

• Bus to Kemiönsaari

EXACT WORKSHOP HOURS will be confirmed later once the public transport schedules for July 2024 are published.


370€ early bird price (until 1 April 2024)

420€ thereafter


Single / one-person room: 473€

Shared 2-3 person room: 413€

Extra night (Mon 15 July - Tues 16 July): +70€

Price includes: accommodation in beautiful rooms, sheets and towel, delicious food (3 meals per day, plus afternoon and evening snack and tea/coffee), sauna option every evening, gorgeous dance space.


Register and pay for the workshop via the Online booking system here.

Please contact us if you have trouble signing up via the booking system. 


RECIPIENT: Labbnässtiftelsen sr.

IBAN: FI78 2457 1800 1203 23



DUE DATE: 1 July 2024 (if you need to pay in parts, contact the venue directly labbnas@labbnas.fi)


Local Teachers

Karoliina Valontaival Helsinki   Dancing Since: 2005

“Love is not a mood but a dynamic way of being. Love is essentially the primal energy of all our emotions flowing, of really feeling and responding moment by moment, situation by situation. -Gabrielle Roth”

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Laura Andersson (Teacher In Training) Tampere   Dancing Since: 2011

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