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Helsinki - 15 Dec 2017 to 17 Dec 2017
Adam Barley

Midwinter is naturally a time of stillness, quiet, and rest. All too often it is precisely the opposite, and we stress ourselves way beyond what is healthy. So this is a weekend to unplug, switch off, and take Refuge in the arms of movement as prayer. To be within the quiet intimacy of the breath with the body, and know ourselves to be bigger, deeper, and so much more mysterious than the corporate media machine would have us believe. Waves can arise, pass through, and be resolved, falling back into a profound peace that is already here, when we choose.



Helsinki - 21 Feb 2018 to 25 Feb 2018
Tammy Burstein

Connected to past, present in now, open to possibility.

"Life is a journey. Its route is essentially the same for everyone, even though we start in different settings and with different baggage." -- Gabrielle Roth

We are not just one but all the stages of life. What has been, what is, and what will be is alive in our bodies, hearts, and minds. In Cycles we give ourselves the opportunity to fully embody them all, from birth to death, by moving with the shapes, the breath, the rhythms of a lifetime.

The Cycles map is a journey of endless investigation – one in which we create the opportunity to meet and melt old wounds, move and be moved by the medicine of forgiveness, and explore and expand the possibility and potential of being a wholistic being.

Whether young or older, your first or your latest Cycles experience, this workshop is for every human being with stories to express, realities to accept, ancestral wisdom to uncover, and nascent wonders to recover. Join us as we grow together.


Local Teachers

Karoliina Valontaival (Teacher In Training) Helsinki   Dancing Since: 2006

“Love is not a mood but a dynamic way of being. Love is essentially the primal energy of all our emotions flowing, of really feeling and responding moment by moment, situation by situation. -Gabrielle Roth”

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