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Stockholm - 6 Oct 2023 to 8 Oct 2023
Thierry Francois

 MAPS TO ECSTASY - From inertia to inspiration

-a 5Rhythms® Workshop with Thierry Francois

"The path to ecstasy is up through 5 levels of consciousness, 5 layers through which energy most naturally flows from purely physical existence to its highest potential." -Gabrielle Roth

We spend a good part of our lives struggling to find out who we are, which prevents us from being fully aligned with our true self. "From Inertia to Inspiration" takes us by the hand to unfold the thread of our own movement, our "feeling", our desire to move from the source of life. From inertia, a place from which to start, then finding the way out of this static state. A step to allow ourselves to move out of inertia into energizing movement. Imitation is a vital part of our path, a way to learn, a catalyst for change. Following this practice gets us moving in the direction of spiritual liberation. Intuition, from deep within, embracing and paying attention to our rooted connection, our creative self. And the simplest way to enhance our intuitive powers is to move with them.�

Imagination to mobilize our natural gifts, our talent, our potential, our realization - all things we are driven to do. Being generous in our imagination.�Inspiration when there is only dancing, no thoughts, no doing, just the dancing, just the moving center. The inspired dance, with the sense of sacredness, ritualistic and with a sense of mystery. A weekend workshop to embody these aspects of ourselves together with other inspired and inspiring human beings. A dance, nothing more, nothing less.

The workshop is led in English. No previous experience required.


Movement & Meditation

Varberg - 28 Oct 2023 to 28 Oct 2023
Prateeksha Katarina Thundal

 Warmly welcome to a whole day for you to arrive in your body. During this day you have the possibility of exploring your body and your capacity to get in contact with parts of you that you might have forgotten about or parts that haven’t received any attention for a while. We will start moving the body in a soft way in order to increase the flow in the body so that you will have more excess to your natural energy. When we dance new neural pathways increases in the brain and our body movements get’s more developed and nuanced which makes us more creative and we can think in new ways. We combine the dance with indian meditations which will help us to calm down the nervous system and the body have the possibility to recover.

We will also have sharings where you have the possibility to share what’s going on for you.

DATE: 28/10-23

ADDRESS: Prästgatan 27, Varberg

TIME: 10:00-17:00

LUNCH: 13:00-14:15

TEA BREAK: 11:30


Early bird: 1 150 kr when you do the registration latest 6/10-23, after that 1 300 kr.

The registration is complete when the payment is swished to: 0708-22 34 59 and when you have sent an email to: 5rhythmsmove@gmail.com

The registration is binding. No refund in case of cancellation. You can’t postpone your course to an another time but you can give your course away to somebodyelse.


Bring your own lunch (fully equipped kitchen), or go out for lunch

Soft clothes to move in, bring some extra clothes for changing

Tea is included

Water bottle

We will be barefeet


Local Teachers

Susanne Nilsson Stockholm   Dancing Since: 2003

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy. -Rabindranath Tagore”

More Information and Schedule
Prateeksha Katarina Thundal Varberg Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 2004

“Everything is stored in our body and our body can not lie. What we resist persist. Letting go is all we can do for a healing transformation.”

More Information and Schedule
Adam Eisen Stockholm   Dancing Since: 2013

““Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ~Henry David Thoreau”

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Berit Hague Stockholm Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 1990

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