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Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit? ~G. Roth

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5Rhythms Sweat Provo Jackie Brinkerhoff

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5Rhythms Sweat Next Class 8 Sep 2018 Idaho Falls Teresa Simmons

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Finding Balance

Provo - 15 Sep 2018 to 15 Sep 2018
Heeraa Sazevich

Living in a go, go, go! world, it can be challenging to listen to where we might feel out of balance in our lives. In this 5Rhythms workshop, we take time to tune into our bodies, exhale and get in touch with the ebb and flow of our innate rhythm. Yin/ Yang - the dance of energy. By learning to embrace our shadow and light, our impulse to go inwards or to express outwards, we create greater balance in our lives. We naturally find deeper acceptance and equanimity. 

12:30 - 6:30 pm

Open to all levels of experience and abilities.

$89 - Cash, check or Paypal to


Both Feet In

Salida - 19 Oct 2018 to 21 Oct 2018
Visudha de los Santos

Lost? Forgotten your footing? Don’t know where you’re going? What you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing?  Commitment - to life, to another, to your vocation, and most importantly to your own dreams and desires can be ever so elusive.

Seems so simple. Both Feet In, but the mechanics of jumping, forging, moving forward can also be so difficult as we find ourselves in stuck and tight places.  The process and practice of the 5Rhythms offer you freedom from those sticky and tricky places through the physical gateways  of the feet, then the hips, head, & hands, and ending with the breath.

This in-depth study of the first two rhythms of flow and staccato offer you a foundation of stepping with both receptivity and assertiveness;  of fluidity and clarity; and finally with ease & focus.
Move Your Body, Move Your Life.


Local Teachers

Jonathan Horan New York, New York Teaching Since: 1986 Dancing Since: 1970

“My dance is my connection to the divine.”

More Information and Schedule
Amber Ryan Boulder, Colorado Teaching Since: 2008 Dancing Since: 2000

“ We move to a space beyond words where instinct and intuition reign.”

More Information and Schedule
Heeraa Sazevich (Heartbeat In Training) Salt Lake City, Utah Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1997

“Life is a dance… stones dance as surely as stars. A rock is a slow dance; a flower is a little faster… Osho”

More Information and Schedule
Dominique Jackson (Sweat SpaceHolder) Vail, Colorado   Dancing Since: 1974

“Moving towards the light. Navigating in the light. Generating the light from within. Sometimes it's difficult to find the light switch in the darkness. How easy it is to see, once we turn on the light. ”

More Information and Schedule
Jackie Brinkerhoff (Sweat SpaceHolder) South Jordan, Utah   Dancing Since: 2014

“The good in me sees the good in you.”

More Information and Schedule
Chanda Klco (Sweat SpaceHolder) Salida, Colorado   Dancing Since: 1997

“"Let the body be the doorway to your Being. Your Being is a sacred presence." - Yogi Amrit Desai”

More Information and Schedule
Annie Jacob (Sweat SpaceHolder) Salida, Colorado    

More Information and Schedule
Maegan McCardle (Sweat SpaceHolder) Boulder, Colorado    

More Information and Schedule
Teresa Simmons (Sweat SpaceHolder) Teton, Idaho   Dancing Since: 1975

“Swaying with the bleeding pulse offered by a faint drum, I discovered wings tightly tucked inside my heart. Spreading the delicate fabric, I lifted off, soared, fell, and courageously, I danced again, inspired by the tides of connection.”

More Information and Schedule
Debby Dillman (Sweat SpaceHolder) Boise, Idaho   Dancing Since: 1975

“You know you're a good driver when you can dance behind the wheel. Can you imagine what happens when you step out of the car?”

More Information and Schedule
Jennifer Wymer (Sweat SpaceHolder) Salt Lake City, Utah   Dancing Since: 2014

More Information and Schedule
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