Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth. ~ G. Roth

Clases Semanales

Periodic Classes

MOON&THE DANCE*Full Moon Dance ONLINE&LIVE Next Class 2 Nov 2020 Lucca Alessia Lencioni
5RITMI al RENNY*ALL of you con Live Music Next Class 7 Nov 2020 Florence Alessia Lencioni
ONLINE Sunday Morning Waves Next Class 8 Nov 2020 Arezzo Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi a Padova con Olivia Next Class 29 Nov 2020 Padova Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi a Bologna con Olivia Next Class 12 Dec 2020 Bologna Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi a Firenze con Olivia Next Class 19 Dec 2020 Florence Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi in Torino with Olivia Next Class 28 Feb 2021 Torino Olivia Palmer

Próximos Talleres

Manifest - The Motion of Money (PART 2 OF THE MONEY SERIES)

Florence - 30 Oct 2020 to 1 Nov 2020
Evangelos Diavolitsis

Manifest – It’s an inside job!5Rhythms® Movement Workshop With Evangelos

An embodied approach to healing your relationship with money

Learn to manifest and dance the rhythms of abundance. 

Transform greed into generosity, hatred into love, confusion into clarity, and boredom into opportunity. Move through limiting obstacles to manifesting in this lifetime. Shift from Scarcity to Survive to Thrive to Manifest and into a state of illuminated spaciousness. From this point we organically increase our capacity to give and receive our shared resources. 

We will dance through the Money Archetypes of The Innocent, The Victim, The Martyr, The Fool and The Tyrant and re-wire our mind/body/spirit to The Magician, Warrior, and Creator/Artist that live inside all of us. The universe keeps sending us messages on how to create a life worth living. Our job is to get the limiting stories out of the way and manifest our deepest vision. 

 By releasing the past and forgiving our ancestors, we can clear our unconscious family history around survival and wealth. Join us and let’s move into the present! 

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare"  


Vulnerable Warrior

Rimini - 22 Nov 2020 to 22 Nov 2020
Thierry Francois

 In this workshop, we are going to take the time to check in each other, to meet each other, to reveal ourselves maybe a little bit, and especially to move, to shake, to update ourselves in movement.

We have just gone through a difficult period that is still going on for some of us, a period where some of us around us, or maybe even some of us lost their job, find precariousness, a period with anxiety for what is behind each of us but also in front of this future that is coming. It is easy in this context to lose one's anchorage, one's roots, one's base, one's solidity and to let oneself be invaded by fear. It is easy to feel fragile and weak.

Together we are going to give back the sense of connection, the belonging, the support, the meaning and above all give us this incredible permission to be this vulnerable Warrior.

We will welcome our movements and dance together as a ceremony.

— ∞ —

"Once, I ran from difficult feelings.

Now, they are my advisors, confidants, friends,

and they all have a home in me, 

and they all belong and have dignity.

I am sensitive, soft, fragile, 

my arms wrapped around all my inner children.

And in my sensitivity, power.

In my fragility, an unshakeable Presence.

In the depths of my wounds, 

in what I had named “darkness”,

I found a blazing Light

that guides me now in battle.

I became a warrior

when I turned towards myself.

And started listening. "


— ∞ —


There are different currents on my life path, I am grateful to have met them and I am happy to bring them in my work. As a young boy I started to dance. Later, I met the theatre. It was like a revelation and I felt a strong desire to play and to be on stage. I completed my training with several other practices such as dance , mime and clown work. All that brought me further to meet the Gestalt therapy, a humanist method which gives flesh to the words. I remember that I was a little reluctant to go to my first 5Rhythms class in 2000 and that I was totally won over when I came out as it perfectly satisfied my need to integrate the body in my practice. I started to go dancing occasionally, then more regularly, then in a more addicted way by going elsewhere exploring dance, in other countries, other cultures, other teachings. In 2009, I’ve been accepted for a 5Rhythms Teacher Training with Gabrielle Roth, and since then I am an accredited teacher. Another important thread in my life and in my work is Men work (ManKind Project) where I stand as one of the leaders now. I like to bring all those different aspects in my work and mix them with my enthusiasm for movement, my passion for music, my lightness, humour and creativity that accepts all of this.

If you feel called into this work join us.

With gratitude

Max & Emiliano



*Workshop €95

*EARLYBIRD within 22th october €80

*EARLYBIRD booking the two day workshops of 21th 22nd November


Maestros Locales

Alessia Lencioni Lucca, Tuscany   Baila desde: 2013

“What if you risk a little more? What if you push a little less? what if it's all just about discovering....”

Más información y horarios
Alessandro Moruzzi San Francisco, California Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2008

“Rain, oceans are my Flowing. Street traffic, crowds chatting are my Staccato. Waterfalls, pounding jack hammers are my Chaos. Winds, hummingbirds are my Lyrical. Echoes of drops in a cave, my breaths are my Stillness.”

Más información y horarios
Sara Tiesi Thun   Baila desde: 2007

Más información y horarios
Marcella Panseri (Teacher In Training) Milano    

“The essential is invisible to the eyes.”

Más información y horarios
Eleanor Shannon (Teacher In Training) Ojai, California   Baila desde: 2008

“On the other side of fear lies freedom. ”

Más información y horarios
Dario Pastore (Teacher In Training) Palermo, Sicily   Baila desde: 2012

“"Ogni tanto penso che il Dio Pan mi sia venuto a trovare nella culla per darmi un compito per questa vita e il mito ce lo dice, e in fondo lo sappiamo tutti… mai andare contro la volontà di un Dio””

Más información y horarios
MariaSole Ingravallo (Teacher In Training) Rome, Lazio   Baila desde: 2011

“The wind? I am the wind. The sea and the moon? I am the sea and the moon. Tears, pain, love, bird-flights? I am all of them. I dance what I am. Sin, prayer, flight, the light that never was on land or sea? I dance what I am. Isadora Duncan”

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Olivia Palmer (Heartbeat In Training) Tuscany Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2006

“Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

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Emiliano Ena (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome, Lazio   Baila desde: 2014

“Truth is not for comfort, is for liberation”

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Marcella Cardini (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome, Lazio   Baila desde: 2010

“It takes discipline to be a free spirit. Gabrielle Roth”

Más información y horarios
Anna Venegoni (Sweat SpaceHolder) Varese, Lombardy   Baila desde: 1984

“If you tell me, I will listen. If you show me, I will see. If you let me experience, I will learn. Laozi”

Más información y horarios
Andrea Sampalmieri (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome, Lazio   Baila desde: 2014

“I'm not interested in how people move; I'm interested in what makes them move. Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost. Pina Bausch”

Más información y horarios
Max Passante (Sweat SpaceHolder) -   Baila desde: 2008

“I love humankind when dancing, I see the truth.”

Más información y horarios
Claudia Frisone (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome   Baila desde: 2013

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