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5Rhythms Cacao Ceremony | Gooral Live

Warszawa - 11 Aug 2024 to 11 Aug 2024
Tomasz Szymocha

Magical Cacao Ceremony + Gooral Live

We will immerse ourselves in an extraordinary blend of live music and deep body work. Gooral, the master of fusing traditional highlander music with modern electronics, will play his magical sounds for us, while Tomasz Szymocha will guide us through the waves of 5Rhythms®. This unique event will be both a spiritual journey and an energizing experience. Gooral, tuning his music to Solfeggio frequencies, will move our chakras and heal our souls.

During the Cacao ceremony, we will drink this sacred drink together, which will open our hearts and deepen our experience of movement and music. It will be a time full of love, acceptance, and connection, where each of us will be able to express ourselves in an authentic way.

Cacao ceremony brings purification through joy, fun, presence and bliss. Cacao is a sacred Mayan plant used in ceremonial rites. This plant teaches us how to go deeper into our hearts, minds and the heart of Mother Earth to rediscover the true healing power that is within each of us. We are

We are going to drink the "drink of the gods" – Cacao, and we are going to dance.

We will open our hearts thanks to a magical journey and we will dance together the wave of 5 Rhythms®.

Solfeggio frequencies are frequencies that have a positive impact on healing the body and mind. Each of these frequencies is believed to have specific healing properties. For example, the 528 Hz frequency is called the "frequency of love" and is considered helpful in repairing DNA and improving emotional and physical health. Other frequencies, such as 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz, are also used to stimulate different aspects of healing, such as releasing fear, facilitating change, harmonizing relationships, solving problems, and enhancing intuition.

5Rhythms® - Created by Gabrielle Roth and danced by thousands around the world, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, art and dynamic practice of movement, rooted in the truth that if you put your soul in motion, it will heal itself.

Movement is both medicine and metaphor, reaching across languages, cultures and age groups, transforming suffering into art, art into awareness, and awareness into action.

The 5Rhythms® Practice creates a community that sweats its prayers, supports the process of needed change and provides a safe space for anyone who wants to shake their ego and awaken that part of themselves that is unpredictable, passionate, fascinating, teetering on the edge and longing for freedom.


- before and during the ceremony we do not consume alcohol or other intoxicants. On this day, avoid caffeine, cocoa or other stimulants throughout the day.

- you are fully responsible for yourself, your needs, feelings and

emotions and you take care of your own space and safety as well as that of other participants.

- you clearly communicate to others your needs and boundaries.

- 5 Rhythms is a joint process where emotions appear, accompanied by crying, laughing, screaming. Be authentic, express yourself. All feelings and emotions are welcomed.

- we dance barefoot

- bring a water bottle (preferably glass).

- during the Cacao Ceremony we will eat raw Cacao (with vegetable milk, chili, agave syrup) - if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please report in advance. If you are using treatment with psychoactive tablets - also report and consult a doctor whether you can consume concentrated raw Cacao.

- if you are taking psychoactive substances, contact us on priv.


Sunday 11.08.24 12:00-16:00

Tango Milonga

Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 21A, 00-390 Warszawa

Please be on time.


180 PLN at the gate on the day of the event. Only cash.

Registration required → info@5rytmow.eu

There are only a limited number of spots available.

Gooral is an outstanding Polish music producer who has successfully blended elements of highlander music with electronic sounds for 20 years.

The original energetic fusion of genres has been showcased by the artist in over 1200 live performances across 20 countries, including prominent European festivals such as Pol'and'rock, Opener, Orange, Sziget, Exit, and Colours of Ostarva.

After the release of the album "Ethno Elektro 2 (Wolno)" in 2020, the artist began performing downtempo live acts tuned to A-432Hz, enriching the frequencies with solfeggio tones:


In November 2022, the artist from Bielsko-Biała released a downtempo album titled "Wolno 2" under the Guatemalan label Resueno, curated by Mose. The album firmly established the artist in the new genre, and the live performances were acclaimed at various exceptional festivals.

This prolific producer has 7 studio albums and one DVD with ZPIT Mazowsze, which turned out to be a bestseller at Empik (The most important Polish record distribution network). Gooral has to his credit awards such as Machiner (The once most important Polish music award)or nominations for the Fryderyk Awards, (The currently most important music award). He made soundtracking for the movie "South," a project with Paprodziad, and the innovative Techno Healing live performance. Additionally, he composed music for the theatrical production "Krakowiacy i Górale," and his music was featured in advertisements for events like the Opener Festival's 10th anniversary. (One of the most important Polish music festivals)

Gooral's music is recognized worldwide. The track "Krywaniu" from the album "Ethno Elektro 2" was selected for the compilation of the German sub-label Bar 25 Music, while "End of Beautiful Day" from the same album appeared on a compilation by the American label Pipe and Pochet. A track created with Julia Scott titled "Doducha" was featured on a compilation released in Guatemala called "Cacao Dance," and his live performance from the Snowfest festival was featured on the Level 2 label's Moscow channel.

Currently, Gooral has completed work on another album created in accordance with the theory of solfeggio frequencies and plans to release the album premiere soon...

Tomasz Szymocha - accredited 5Rhythms® teacher and pioneer of dance Cacao Ceremonies. He was the first in Poland to introduce this drink to 5Rhythms®/conscious dance.

He finished his teacher training in 2016 at The Moving Center® New York. From that time on he has actively run 5Rhythms® classes and workshops in Poland, Germany, Israel and Spain. By profession, he is an actor mime after the school in Berlin, where he worked for many years in the theater. He taught movement in Germany, Poland, Italy, France, the United States and Israel. He conducted dance and theater classes for children and youth in Berlin and Paris. He grew up in Warsaw, where he performed at the Buffo Theater as a mime. In 1987 he emigrated to Berlin. At the age of 25, he intensively meditated for 2.5 years in the Himalayas. From 2011, the founder of the BioRezydencja in Świeradów-Zdrój (www.biorezydencja.pl), an ecological personal growth and workshop centre. Passionate traveler, father of 5 children, vegetarian, Lomi Lomi Nui masseur, graduated with ISTA level 1 and 2, forest lover (he planted 70 thousand trees). Tomasz draws inspiration from shamanism, deep contact with nature, fascination with theater and wisdom that is constantly passed on to him by his five children.



North east Island - 20 Aug 2024 to 25 Aug 2024
Joanna Hussakowska



Maestros Locales

Joanna Hussakowska Krakow Teaching Since: 2010  

“Your body is the voice that sings what there are no words for”

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Ewelina Jendrzejczak London Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2000

“Sometimes it can take a few steps to get to our deepest truth. As we get closer and closer to it within ourselves, we can feel a huge vibratory shift in our body that signals we have arrived. The vibration is our aliveness returning. - C. Caldwell”

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Tomasz Szymocha Warszawa Teaching Since: 2016  

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Radek Myszka Wroclaw   Baila desde: 2014

“The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body”

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Katarzyna Krol-Wozniak (Teacher In Training) Krakow   Baila desde: 2013

“5Rhythms transcends dance - movement is the medicine, the meditation and the metaphor. Together we peel back layers, lay our masks down, and dance till we disappear… Only to rediscover ourselves through it all. Gabrielle Roth”

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Paulina Lasek (Teacher In Training) Wroclaw   Baila desde: 2020

“The peace that cannot be created, the joy that cannot be made, the love that cannot be earned, the wisdom that cannot be acquired: this is the Truth. It has never left you. Gangaji”

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Mirek Chybicki (Teacher In Training) Wroclaw   Baila desde: 2014

“Not all those who wander are lots”

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