It is not about getting lost in the dance, but being found in the dance.

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Borkop - 25 Oct 2023 to 29 Oct 2023
Jan Redsted - Annette Uhlemann

Denmark, Hvidbjerg 25. - 29. March 2023

5Rhythms® 5 Day Intensive workshop - 2 days Heartbeat 3 days Waves

Where our spiritual longing and the possible earthly prosperity meet

We are double beings, with on one side, an ego and an individual that feels threatened, in competition and separate from everything and everyone... On the other side, a soul that is connected, unified and in harmony with everything and whole the universe.

The field, tension and the dialogue between these 2 extremes defines who we are in our daily life.

In this approach to The 5 Rhythms we work with this field between awareness and focused attention. Where total devotion to ecstatic & uncensored dance opens to the universal spaciousness and stillness that our souls long so deeply for.

For participating in this workshop we recommend that you have come to the embodied understanding that whatever we as humans can meet, feel, think, sense or experience can change through surrendering to practice, dance and movement.

Intention creates tension
The popular paradigm that we as individuals can manifest, heal or become everything we want, is the totally opposite of what this approach is offering and in this sense absolutely in the way of the apparent realization that total surrender to life is a gateway to the unified, unlimited and universal space and awareness that we so deeply long for.

"When you let go a little you'll be a little happier
When you let go a lot you'll be a lot happier
If you let go completely you'll be free"

Presence - consciousness - aliveness
To get out of the way and let life unfold is allmost impossible for the human mind, but in our many years of experience with the 5Rhythms, we have come to see that the very surrender to humble uncensored dance, movement and practice can open for the possibility that the essence of being and who we truly are lies in shifting the perspective from the dancer to the dance.

The mystical and spiritual is right here... always and everywhere unlimited space, subtle vibriating aliveness and perfect brilliant stillness...

This workshop is an investigation where we invite each of us to create and hold space for spaciousness.
Through willingness to see beyond our separate individual and give space rather than take space, we see there is absolutely nothing we can do to achieve what we long for... but if we are really really open;... It may happen!


Rebel Dancer

Copenhagen - 10 Nov 2023 to 12 Nov 2023
Birgitte Rassmussen

 Further information will come later, my Rebel Dancer workshops is a kind of series, but each workshop are different and can be danced as a unique 5Rhythms workshop. 


Maestros Locales

Jan Redsted Vejle Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 1998

“Life is set up to bring up what has been bound up, so it can open up to be freed up, so you can show up for Life. Mary O'Malley ”

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Annette Uhlemann - Teaching Since: 2005 Baila desde: 1998

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Nina Ejlskov Odense Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2004

“"You are nothing else but pure love, manifested as a human. The only thing you have to do, is to embodied that"”

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Birgitte Rassmussen Copenhagen Teaching Since: 2007 Baila desde: 1997

“Dancing the 5Rhythms release energy and creativity, melt tensions and root the soul in the body”

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Brian Kjoeller Copenhagen   Baila desde: 2007

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Ane Friis - Teaching Since: 2016 Baila desde: 2003

“The floor is my friend”

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Mette Feilberg Copenhagen Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 2000

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