It is not about getting lost in the dance, but being found in the dance.

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5Rhythms Wave Next Class 10 Mar 2024 Svendborg Nina Ejlskov

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Unified Field

Copenhagen - 23 Feb 2024 to 25 Feb 2024
Erik Iversen

                                                           Unified Field

In the world, we often go through our days and our lives with our awareness focussed primarily

on our own separateness. Our minds are occupied by our individual responsibilities and ambitions; and our connection to our bodies is tenuous or inconsistent.

We rarely enjoy the feeling of being together with others; in a unified field within the flow of life.

In this workshop, our focus will be on exploring and learning how to feel and recognize the unified field of our own bodies, as we move and play within the unified filed of a group.

Through conscious movement, we’ll discover new connections between the different parts of our bodies; and learn how to move as one dancing body.

Next, we’ll learn how to expand our awareness out to the group as a whole, without losing touch with ourselves. We’ll bridge the two using our breath and expanded proprioception, allowing our attention to flow seamlessly from ourselves, to the group, and back, in a loop.

When we loop in this way, while dancing together, we create a shared field of individual expression that naturally and easily becomes a playground for connection and creative collaboration. The feeling of the unified field is palpable, inspiring and deeply nourishing.


Wild heart dancing

Aarhus - 25 Feb 2024 to 25 Feb 2024
Birgitte Rassmussen


In the wilderness of our body is our wild nature and heart. Our wild nature and heart have the inborn potential to create, flourish and unfold deeper wisdom of who we really are, without labels, limits, and fears. The wild nature and heart are up against discipline, social influences, and cultural norms. We will dance and wake up both sides of the heart, get to know them, so we can let go of patterns, which no longer serve us. In the fusion of the wild and the social heart, we can give birth to greatness, deeper dances, and abundance of love.

We will use the drum and the map of the 5Rhythms to take this journey.

Gabrielle Roth: “Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness.”

Musician on drums and kora: Baba Kone, national and international drummer, since he was 6 years old, Baba is from Burkina Faso. He had his first 5Rhythms drumming in London, and Baba and I have worked together for several years.

5Rhythms teacher: Birgitte Rasmussen, trained by Gabrielle Roth, waves 2008, and trained by Jonathan Horan, heartbeat 2022.

Sunday February 25th

11AM to 5.30PM with a break in the middle, bring your lunch and we will serve tea and small snacks


Maestros Locales

Nina Ejlskov Vester Skerninge Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2004

“"You are nothing else but pure love, manifested as a human. The only thing you have to do, is to embodied that"”

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Birgitte Rassmussen Copenhagen Teaching Since: 2007 Baila desde: 1997

“Dancing the 5Rhythms release energy and creativity, melt tensions and root the soul in the body”

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Jan Redsted Vejle Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 1998

“Life is set up to bring up what has been bound up, so it can open up to be freed up, so you can show up for Life. Mary O'Malley ”

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Annette Uhlemann - Teaching Since: 2005 Baila desde: 1998

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Brian Kjoeller Copenhagen   Baila desde: 2007

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Ane Friis - Teaching Since: 2016 Baila desde: 2003

“The floor is my friend”

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Mette Feilberg Copenhagen Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 2000

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