5Rhythms was introduced in Belgium over 20 years ago and we have thriving dancing communities throughout the country.

Since 2001 the own teachers community has been growing and at the moment there are 16 teachers active in both French and Flemisch communities and their activities are complemented by another 10 international guest teachers who visit us regularly.  Still open to a broad input from international teachers worldwide, many dancers from all over Europe and beyound have come along and added a special flavour, feeling at home in this community. What is has to offer : humbleness, grounded, friendly & heartful and diversity.  Wherever you live in Belgium, whether you speak Dutch, French or English, within a one hour drive you can attend several classes around the week, and workshops of all levels, around the year.

Clases Semanales

Periodic Classes

Saturday Night Sweat Next Class 17 Dec 2022 Antwerp Katya Verbrugghe
Waves of Exploration - Open Classes Next Class 17 Dec 2022 Diest Edo Kesteloot
Ride the wave Next Class 21 Dec 2022 Hasselt Chris Camp
Wave Next Class 25 Dec 2022 Gent Anne Geerts
Wave every 4th sunday of the month Next Class 25 Dec 2022 Gent Anne Geerts
Endless Waves Next Class 7 Jan 2023 Edegem Chris Camp
Waves of Discovery - Open Classes Next Class 7 Jan 2023 Neeroeteren Edo Kesteloot
Urban Waves Next Class 14 Jan 2023 Gent Chris Camp

Próximos Talleres

Back to Basics

Antwerp - 10 Dec 2022 to 11 Dec 2022
Ron Hagendoorn

Simplicity brings depth and presence.

5Rhythms dance is meditation in movement and a great way to bring freedom in body, heart and mind. There are no steps to learn. Yet there are basics that will help you get the most out of yourself and the dance.

Discovering the distinction between awareness and attention, fully using the potential of your breath in each rhythm, and allowing and trusting your emotions. To name a few. This is a Waves level dance weekend and therefore open to everyone, with or without experience.

The foundations of this spiritual practice are the place of its deepest power and embodied freedom. Back to Basics is a next step forward!



Diest - 11 Dec 2022 to 11 Dec 2022
Nancy Harrison

In this workshop we move / dance with how essential compassion or the pure energetic of compassion can help us to embrace all the different colours and shades of our feelings and emotions. That energy of compassion, when it’s moving, can allow this to unfold without effort, even with a sense of “goodness”. We will move through the 5Rhythms® time and again, dancing with this. Compassion is underneath and embracing all of our range of emotions, just as dynamic stillness holds and carries all of the other rhythms, is the source of them. Compassion - it is all as it is, it doesn’t have to be any different. There are so many facets and colours of compassion, which includes all of the emotions in all their tones and energies, woven together, sometimes delicately and sometimes more densely or robustly. Underneath, we are alright, whatever feelings we're feeling or holding back; we're OK, we're human beings, just like everyone else. Beloved, beloved unconditionally, whatever our flaws or qualities. By the end of the day, the sense of having these experiences woven into our beings, can nourish us and be something to fall back on, as we go back into our everyday lives. I feel a lot of gratitude to take this journey with you and how it distinctively unfolds for each person.

In this series "My Life and My Heart", we explore in movement, alternately the Waves map rhythms: Attention (Flowing), Clarity (Staccato), Adventure (Chaos), Freedom (Lyrical), and Connection (Stillness), and the Heartbeat map emotions: Awake (Fear), Upright (Anger), Release (Sadness), Relief (Joy), and Embracing (Compassion). In each workshop we go deeper with one rhythm or emotion, whilst also moving through full waves. Nancy will teach the Heartbeat workshops, Edo the Waves workshops.

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Maestros Locales

Chris Camp Leuven Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 1999

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul (Martha Graham)”

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Anne Geerts Gent Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 1995

“Stap uit je hoofd, beweeg je lijf en... dans het leven! Movement is medicine! ”

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Nele Vandezande Staden Teaching Since: 2001  

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Cecile Klefstad Brussels Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2009

“DANCE to be….Alive inside! Alive and Kicking! Alive in Chaos! Alive & Creative ! Alive in the Great Mystery of LIFE…. ”

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Nancy Harrison - Teaching Since: 2010 Baila desde: 1995

“In the 5Rhythms® practice you move away from your surface and get in touch with a deeper, wiser you, one that senses the unity that underlies everything. - Gabrielle Roth. ”

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Edo Kesteloot Brussels Teaching Since: 2010 Baila desde: 2004

“All the wisdom we need can be found inside of ourselves; with 5Rhythms we tap into it, through moving our body”

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Katrien Mazijn Brugge Teaching Since: 2016 Baila desde: 2004

“The authentic self is the soul made visible Sarah Ban Breathnah”

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Katya Verbrugghe Antwerp Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2007

Step in the not knowing and listen to your breath, honor it all to your feet, your dance of freedom.

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Stefanie Maddens Izegem Teaching Since: 2016 Baila desde: 2003

“If your body could speak, what would it say? Daria Halprin”

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