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Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth. ~ G. Roth

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Waves Atlanta Julie Stuart

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Miami - 13 Jan 2023 to 15 Jan 2023
Tata Lebanidze (Tata Leban)

Through the 5Rhythms® map, we will awake in the body, in the heart, and in the mind as we move through each element to explore the depths of each energy and its shadow. Where we are stuck in inertia, rigidity, and confusion, and when we are spaced out and numb.

To recognize ourselves when we lose connection and shut down. When life is presenting us the change, resistance, and chaos. Which is all-natural order. How can we move to another side, and come back, to our true selves, who we truly are. 

To own and embrace all parts of ourselves that we neglect and push away.

The 5Rhythms map will navigate and teach us to unleash the stuck energies, find the balance of feminine and masculine energies, fluidity, focus, surrender, creative freedom, and connection to the body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit.


Maestros Locales

Julie Stuart Atlanta, Georgia   Baila desde: 2010

“"You didn't think this was about dancing did you?" ~~ Gabrielle Roth ”

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Azi Amanzadeh Atlanta, Georgia   Baila desde: 2013

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul. (Martha Graham)”

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Lisa DeLand Austin, Texas Teaching Since: 2007 Baila desde: 1994

“Willingness is what shifts suffering to surrender.”

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Smith Hanes Atlanta, Georgia Teaching Since: 2007 Baila desde: 2004

“"Thank you feet for carrying me this far" lucia horan”

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In Memory of Mati Vargas-Gibson Dallas, Texas Teaching Since: 2007 Baila desde: 1998

“"If it moves, it moves"”

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Bobbie Rae Boyer (Sweat SpaceHolder) Mesa, Arizona   Baila desde: 2008

“Dip your toes into your Divine Spirit. Play, Stomp, Shake, Wiggle, Tiptoe into a beautiful New relationship with YOU!”

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Logan Ferrelle (Sweat SpaceHolder) Atlanta, Georgia   Baila desde: 2014

“When you dance, your body becomes the vessel for your spirit to shine and forget all limitations.”

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Karina Fehrmann (Sweat SpaceHolder) Delray Beach, Florida    

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