Rhythm is my mother tongue.

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ALCHIMIE Next Class 20 Feb 2023 Grenoble Sara Cereghetti
PLENITUDES (vague entre femmes) Next Class 21 Feb 2023 Lyon Sara Cereghetti
JEUDI JE DANSE Next Class 23 Feb 2023 Lyon Sara Cereghetti
Dance the Wave Next Class 10 Mar 2023 Montpellier Amelie Schweiger
METAMORPHOSES Next Class 11 Mar 2023 Lyon Sara Cereghetti

Próximos Talleres


Montpellier - 11 Feb 2023 to 12 Feb 2023
Arjan Bouw


Rhythm connects us all.

Everything has got rhythm. The earth turning around the sun has got rhythm. People have got rhythm. Can we connect to this innerbeat of ourselves? Can we make music with the rhythm of others? And can we connect with the rhythm of the sun?

During these weekends we will dance the 5rhythms: music will put our feet in motion and will shake our bones. We let music and movement get together, in dance they become one. In this unified field we find silence. Without silence no rhythm, without rhythm no silence. We listen to the silence and to our inner rhythms which have been directing our lives as belief systems. The silence allows these inner belief systems to shift into different, more helpful and funky, patterns. Life is a dance.



Vendome - 17 Feb 2023 to 19 Feb 2023
Marc Silvestre



Maestros Locales

Anna Bezborodova Nice   Baila desde: 1977

“Dance madly as if all life is meant for dancing and celebrating." Osho”

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Amelie Schweiger Paris Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 1999

“J’ai appris à marcher: depuis lors je cours sans effort. J‘ai appris à voler; depuis lors je n’attends plus qu’on me pousse pour changer de place. Voyez comme je me sens léger; voyez je vole; voyez je me survole; voyez un Dieu danse en moi”

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Marianne Subra Toulouse   Baila desde: 2007

“My body is my temple and my office. God is the Great Choreographer, the Dance and the Dj. My job is to help you getting out of your thinking mind to find serenity through your moving body. See you soon on the Dancefloor ! With much love and light”

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Peter Wilberforce Paris Teaching Since: 1997 Baila desde: 1994

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Thierry Francois (Heartbeat In Training) Zagreb Teaching Since: 2010 Baila desde: 1999

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Aurelie Desboist (Sweat SpaceHolder) Montpellier   Baila desde: 2012

“Entrer en intimité avec mon souffle, mon corps, le battement de mon cœur... Tomber en Amour de la vie, dans la Joie avec d'autres Cœurs battants... Se laisser traverser par les Rythmes Universels... ”

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