The body doesn’t lie.

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Your Soul Is a Dancer

Innsbruck - 23 Apr 2021 to 25 Apr 2021
Damjan Makovec

Im Lyrical wird uns bewusst, dass wir die Freiheit haben, jederzeit die Energie zu verändern. Wir sind nie auf nur eine Möglichkeit festgelegt. Wir wissen, dass uns immer mehrere Möglichkeiten offen stehen. Unsere Seele ist von Natur aus eine sich wandelnde Gestalt. 

In diesem Workshop werden wir der Praxis der 5 Rhythmen folgen, um unsere innere Tänzerin/den inneren Tänzer, die innere Künstlerin/den inneren Künstler zu erobern. Das ist unsere Verantwortung - auf der Tanzfläche wie im Leben - unsere Seele zum Ausdruck zu bringen, die Natur der Shapeshifter einzuladen.


"If you don't do your dance, who will?" G. Roth


Dancing out of Trauma

Innsbruck - 13 May 2021 to 15 May 2021
Romana Tripolt

In “Dancing out of Trauma” is space for joy of life and humor are as well as the pain from of old wounds. To lift the pain like a treasure in the therapeutic process, and to transform it in the dance, releases strength and bound energy. Lightness and deep therapeutic work complement each other. Dancing out of Trauma is the practical implementation of the method IBT, the Integrative Body-Movement Traumatherapy.


Maestros Locales

Damjan Makovec Ljutomer Teaching Since: 2007 Baila desde: 2000

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Atmo Lars Lindvall Basel Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 1996

“I believe in wonders. Small one's are happening all the time! love from lars ”

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Peter Fejer Budapest Teaching Since: 2010 Baila desde: 2008

“Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.”

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Irene Husung Berlin Teaching Since: 2010 Baila desde: 1996

“"You were wild once, don´t let them tame you." Isadora Duncan”

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Stefania Kregel Graz Teaching Since: 2016 Baila desde: 2005

“I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It´s a sort of splendid torch which I´ve got to hold up for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations. (G.B. Shaw)”

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Daniela Pall Graz Teaching Since: 2016 Baila desde: 2008

“Where there is love, there is life. Mahatma Gandhi ”

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Eva Brunner Graz Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2006

“I believe in the power and the beauty of the dance, in the creativity inherent in every human being. And I believe in the courage of standing tall in this power, and moving with all the beauty of it, and to own up to everything we create through this”

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Wolfgang Zartler Vienna Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2004

“Respect yourself”

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