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The body is the metaphor for all universal truths.

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Weekly Waves Hood River Sara Mains


Prayerbody Langley Christine Tasseff
Sweat Your Prayers White Salmon Sara Mains

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The Medicine of Dance

Olympia - 6 Mar 2020 to 8 Mar 2020
Visudha de los Santos

Medicine of Dance

Reconnect to your body to heal and ignite your inner spirit.
To move your body is to heal your spirit.  Feeling and moving into and with your inner sensations is a simple and yet, deeply profound way to release stuck energy. It is a way to find your own stories and truth that resides in your bones, breath, and muscles.  To trust your dance, is to trust yourself.  It is to know your own deep well of wisdom.
Your body in motion will organically untangle the knots inside.   Sometimes doing classical yoga and meditation isn’t quite enough to release your stress and anxiety.  Simply, sometimes some good, hard, furious dancing is what is needed!.
It’s a way to clear yourself, and find yourself in the present moment, rather than living in the shadows of yesterday or the promise of tomorrow. Your life resides in the present moment, and it is in this moment that healing is afforded to your past beliefs, memories and traumas.  It is in this moment, the future is empty of agenda and limitations.  It is here that you access your greatest potential, and strongest energy.   It is here that you will access genuine happiness – a key of living an embodied life that results from knowing yourself, and creating a meaningful way to engage life.
Move Your Body, Move Your Life.


Waters of the Heart

Hood River - 1 May 2020 to 3 May 2020
Joanne Winstanley

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Maestros Locales

Emma Westphal Seattle, Washington Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 1999

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Kellie Shannon Elliott Seattle, Washington   Baila desde: 1998

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Sue Ann Stabley Friday Harbor, Washington Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2006

“We dance, we let go, we become... again, again and again.”

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Jayne Peterson Washington Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2000

“All things change when I do.”

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Christine Tasseff Langley, Washington Teaching Since: 1997 Baila desde: 1988

“Dance me to the deep end!”

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Adrienne Lee (Sweat SpaceHolder) Hood River, Oregon   Baila desde: 2014

“Choice not chance determines destiny...Aristotle”

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