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5Rhythms Waves Class Nagoya Next Class 2 Feb 2020 Nagoya Norio Umeda
5Rhythms Waves Class Nagoya Next Class 16 Feb 2020 Nagoya Norio Umeda
5Rhythms Waves Class Nagoya Next Class 1 Mar 2020 Nagoya Norio Umeda
5Rhythms Waves Class Nagoya Next Class 5 Apr 2020 Nagoya Norio Umeda
5Rhythms Sweat Next Class 1 Feb 2020 Kyoto Mito Sakamoto
OSAKA NANBA NIGHT WAVE Next Class 7 Feb 2020 Osaka Masayo Benoist
Shanti's open class Next Class 4 Jun 2020 Kyoto Shanti bok rye Park

Próximos Talleres


Kyoto - 8 Feb 2020 to 9 Feb 2020
Masayo Benoist

 5Rhythms "Change" discription

This time, Kobe weekend workshop is CHANGE. not transformation.

Transformation sounds like metamorphose or getting better taste. but "Change" is just change. there is no good or bad. I really like this because good or bad is super subjective.

 this time, Yes we dance a lot though, I would say I would LOVE to put more theatrical stuff which is my speciality and my fab part!

honestly, for me, "What the 5Rhythms is?" theatrical part is most charming essence not only "DANCE". this is a movement thorough body. this is body experience movement, art and philosophy. this shows me the world. it's like mirrors of my soul. so, can not skip theatrical part. 

you are bigger than the box named of "SELF"

let's play yourself more!if you tend to put yourself into the box, and you can't quit to putin... why don't you change box itself?

allow to be variety of you.

find "NEW YOU" in fun play!

 the "fun playing" is re-play of your life.

express yourself intentionally in front of somebody, this is exactly "PLAY"

"WE ARE HOLLY ACTOR" by Gabrielle Roth.

: no experience needed. I will guide in Japanese though, if some English speaker joined, I will both languages.

Feb 7 & 8 (Sat & Sun) 2days workshop.

open venue around 10:30, start 10:00

Tuition: 26000yen (paid by Jan/23)

            29000yen (paid by Feb 7)

            31000yen (at the door on Feb 8th) 



Tokyo - 15 Feb 2020 to 16 Feb 2020
Masayo Benoist

5Rhythms "Light and Shadow" description

「Darkness is womb of the stars」

I love this saying.

Yin and Yan, Light and Shadow, there is no make sense if I lost one.

Everything has light and everything has shadow. actually strong light make strong shadow. this is super true even we don't talk about physics, kinder kids knew.

light / shadow, positive / negative, those are simply difference of top and tail.

but the world are so "POSITIVE" oriented. "Let's become light!"

I know, I agree a part of it though, if you don't know both, it's like you are living in the cardboard house.

this is simply RANGE. integrate both, become a whole.

when you found and how to deal with your shadow, that would be a greatest strength. 

 Let's dance with curiosity! we approach with fun and a lot of humor!

this is including some theatrical approach too, so if you have, please come black dance / yoga / sports dress please.

SCHEDULE and detail


20 ppl only 

​Date and Time: Feb 15 & 16 (Sat & Sun) 2days workshop.

    Feb 15 : open venue 11:30, start 12:00 - 18:00

    Feb 16 : open venue 11:30, start 12:00 - 17:00

Tuition: 26000yen (paid by Jan/30)

            29000yen (paid by Feb 13)

            31000yen (at the door / after Feb 14th) 


Maestros Locales

Masayo Benoist Los Angeles, California Teaching Since: 2014 Baila desde: 2009

Más información y horarios
Norio Umeda (Teacher In Training) Nagoya    

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Sakura Fukushima (Sweat SpaceHolder) Osaka   Baila desde: 2016

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Mito Sakamoto (Sweat SpaceHolder) Kyoto   Baila desde: 2015

“Dance is JOY! 踊ると命の喜びを感じる♪”

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Yukimi Takeda (Sweat SpaceHolder) Tokyo   Baila desde: 2013

“5リズムは日常に活きる哲学だと思っています。 ダンスなんて自分には無縁だと思っていました。 今でもそうです。 世界を飛び回っていた時、先輩に誘われて通ったバレエに始まり、”

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Sae Otomo (Sweat SpaceHolder) Tokyo   Baila desde: 2006

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Shinji Ikeda (Sweat SpaceHolder) Nagoya   Baila desde: 2006

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hiroki komuro (Sweat SpaceHolder) Osaka    

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