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Re-Wilding Creativity (Residential)

Rhossili - 20 Sep 2023 to 24 Sep 2023
Bernadette Ryder

'Re-Wilding Creativity'

Discovering and Recovering innate Creativity through Dance

A 5 day residential workshop, rooted in the 5Rhythms, on the beautiful Gower Coast of South Wales.

Within each of us there is an artist – maybe a poet, painter, dancer, writer, an actor or a musician. Possibly all — probably more. Within a culture that belittles and often condemns artistic expression, many of us have been suppressed and denied for so long we have become blocked.

For creativity to thrive it needs recognition, permission and support. This course is designed to create the conditions and give you the tools you will need to set your innate, spontaneous creativity free.

Teacher: Bernadette brings a fresh understanding to this issue, the creative urge, not as an indulgence to be squeezed into the corners of our lives, but as a vital driving force — central to the experience being human — the expression of which delights the innate impulse for growth towards becoming more fully and uniquely ourselves.

Bernadette uses 5Rhythms Dance to unlock the creative impulse. At once a meditation, a means of creative expression, a catharsis, and an art form, the dance takes us into connection with our bodies and our intuitive minds – which ignites the creative processes.

“The soul is an artist. Its nature is to create”
~Gabrielle Roth


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Alex Mackay Cardigan Teaching Since: 1997 Baila desde: 1991

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Alan Withers Cardigan Teaching Since: 2004 Baila desde: 1989

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