Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth. ~ G. Roth

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Periodic Classes

L'ONDA DEL MERCOLEDI' SERA Next Class 8 Feb 2023 Palermo Dario Pastore
EXPRESS Next Class 10 Feb 2023 Torino Marcella Panseri
Turn the Lights On! - Body Waves with Evangelos Next Class 11 Feb 2023 Milan Evangelos Diavolitsis
Radici Next Class 12 Feb 2023 Naples MariaSole Ingravallo
5Ritmi COLLETTIVO FIRENZE Next Class 12 Feb 2023 Florence Olivia Palmer
Moon&SHEdance BASIC on demand Next Class 13 Feb 2023 Lucca Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni
FRIDAY VIBE - 5RITMI PISA Next Class 17 Feb 2023 Pisa Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni
5Ritmi Collettivo Veneto Next Class 18 Feb 2023 Padova Azahara Galan
5Ritmi a Livorno con Ambu Alessia Lencioni Next Class 18 Feb 2023 Livorno Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni
SUNDAY MORNING WAVES Next Class 19 Feb 2023 San Giustino Olivia Palmer
5RItmi a Firenze con Ambu Alessia Lencioni Next Class 19 Feb 2023 Florence Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni
ONLINE Moon&SHEdance, SHADOWS Edition Next Class 21 Feb 2023 Lucca Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni
5 Ritmi a Lucca Next Class 24 Feb 2023 Lucca Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni
saturday night Next Class 25 Feb 2023 Milan Marcella Panseri
5Ritmi a Bologna con Ambu Alessia Lencioni Next Class 5 Mar 2023 Bologna Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni
5Ritmi Collettivo Siena Next Class 11 Mar 2023 Siena Azahara Galan
5Ritmi Collettivo UMBRIA Next Class 12 Mar 2023 San Giustino Azahara Galan
5Rhythms Sweat Next Class 1 Apr 2023 Rome Marcella Cardini
5Ritmi Collettivo LIVORNO - INDOOR Next Class 1 Apr 2023 Livorno Azahara Galan
5 Ritmi a Milano Next Class 1 Apr 2023 Milan Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni
Sunday Move GENOVA Next Class 2 Apr 2023 Genova Azahara Galan
WILD HEART day labs Next Class 7 May 2023 Bologna Olivia Palmer
Inspiration Next Class 13 May 2023 Rome Evangelos Diavolitsis
5Ritmi Collettivo BOLOGNA Next Class 21 May 2023 Bologna Azahara Galan
5Ritmi Collettivo ROMA Next Class 10 Jun 2023 Rome Azahara Galan

Upcoming Workshops


Torino - 10 Feb 2023 to 12 Feb 2023
Marcella Panseri

How well can we express who we are and what we really want?

No frills, turns of words, excuses and compromises?

Without hiding, feeling guilty, choking on unspoken?

By leaving a mark that becomes a bridge, inspiration, transformation?Since the beginning of time, all forms of artistic expression have also served this purpose.

To bring out, to help us to freely express our feelings in the world.

In this seminar we will try to express ourselves through free movement and the maps of the 5Rhythms, the body, art, words and live music.

Everyone is welcome.

The seminar is valid as a pre-requisite for the training of 5Ritmi.


Marcella Panseri

Certified teacher of 5Ritmi and Soul Motion

Co-founder ConsciousDanceItaly


For the artistic part there will be Federica Rota, art-therapist.

Live music with Cheikh Fall


Friday: 20.00-22.30

Saturday 11 February: 11.00-18.00

Sunday 12 February: 10.00-17.00


Cost for those who register by January 10: 160 euros

Cost for those who register after January 10: 190 euros

Cost of art materia will be sent to all the partecipants before the event.

REGISTRATION: with Eventbrite.

Deposit required: 35 euros. Non refundable (you can give your registration to someone that is not already registered).

Balance on arrival.



Via S. Donato 92, Turin.



Rome - 11 Feb 2023 to 11 Feb 2023
MariaSole Ingravallo

 Autenticità:5Ritmi & Teatro Rituale febbraio 2023

English below

Una giornata di 5Ritmi con MariaSole Ingravallo.


11 Febbraio 2023


“Diventiamo ridicoli solo quando vogliamo apparire ciò che non siamo.”
(Giacomo Leopardi)

A volte ci identifichiamo talmente a lungo con le maschere che indossiamo per vivere in questa società, che dimentichiamo il nostro vero volto, il nostro essere più autentico.

In questa giornata useremo la pratica dei 5Ritmi e gli strumenti del teatro rituale per riconnetterci alla nostra sacra, potente e selvaggia autenticità.

Nel teatro e nella vita, siamo interessanti quando siamo veri, quando ci lasciamo vedere nella nostra nuda verità.

MariaSole Ingravallo, è insegnante certificata livello “Waves” della pratica dei 5Ritmi© di Gabrielle Roth.

Ha studiato danza classica, danza contemporanea, recitazione e psicologia.

Al seminario sarà possibile partecipare solo la mattina / solo il pomeriggio / o tutta la giornata.


La Mattina 10:30/13:30 30€

Pomeriggio 14:30/17:30 30€

Tutta la giornata 10:30/17:30 55€

Agevolazioni per studenti e persone con difficoltà economica.


Istituto Pio IX, via di Santa Prisca 8, Aventino, ROMA

Per info: 

Marcella: 329 9433602 / newslady@live.it 

MariaSole: 3286778106 / mariasoleingravallo@gmail.com


Questa giornata è aperta a tutti, anche a chi non ha esperienze precedenti.

Le classi con MariaSole sono riconosciute come prerequisiti per la formazione dei 5Ritmi©.

Si può avere una certificazione di partecipazione a richiesta.


5Rhythms & Ritual Theater

 A day of 5Rhythms with MariaSole Ingravallo.


 February 11, 2023


 “We only become ridiculous when we want to appear what we are not.” (Giacomo Leopardi)

 Sometimes we identify for so long with the masks we wear to live in this society that we forget our true face, our most authentic being.

 On this day we will use the practice of 5Rhythms and the tools of ritual theater to reconnect to our sacred, powerful and wild authenticity.

 In theater and in life, we are interesting when we are real, when we let ourselves be seen in our naked truth.

 MariaSole Ingravallo is a certified teacher of the "Waves" level of the practice of Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms©.

 She studied ballet, contemporary dance, acting and psychology.

 It will be possible to participate in the seminar only in the morning / only in the afternoon / or all day.


 In the morning 10:30/13:30 €30

 Afternoon 2.30pm/5.30pm €30

 All day 10:30/17:30 €55

 Discounts for students and people with financial difficulties.


 Pius IX Institute, via di Santa Prisca 8, Aventino, ROME

 For info:

 Marcella: 329 9433602 / newslady@live.it

 MariaSole: 3286778106 / mariasoleingravallo@gmail.com


 This day is open to everyone, even to those who have no previous experience.

 The classes with MariaSole are recognized as prerequisites for the training of 5Ritmi©.

 A certificate of participation can be obtained upon request.


Local Teachers

MariaSole Ingravallo Rome, Lazio   Dancing Since: 2011

“The wind? I am the wind. The sea and the moon? I am the sea and the moon. Tears, pain, love, bird-flights? I am all of them. I dance what I am. Sin, prayer, flight, the light that never was on land or sea? I dance what I am. (Isadora Duncan)”

More Information and Schedule
Dario Pastore Palermo, Sicily   Dancing Since: 2012

“"Ogni tanto penso che il Dio Pan mi sia venuto a trovare nella culla per darmi un compito per questa vita e il mito ce lo dice, e in fondo lo sappiamo tutti… mai andare contro la volontà di un Dio””

More Information and Schedule
Alessandro Moruzzi San Francisco, California Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2007

“Rain, oceans are my Flowing. Street traffic, crowds chatting are my Staccato. Waterfalls, pounding jack hammers are my Chaos. Winds, hummingbirds are my Lyrical. Echoes of drops in a cave, my breaths are my Stillness.”

More Information and Schedule
Ambu (Alessia) Lencioni Lucca, Tuscany   Dancing Since: 2013

“What if you risk a little more? What if you push a little less? what if it's all just about discovering....”

More Information and Schedule
Olivia Palmer Tuscany Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2006

“Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

More Information and Schedule
Marcella Panseri Milano    

“The essential is invisible to the eyes.”

More Information and Schedule
Sara Tiesi Thun   Dancing Since: 2007

More Information and Schedule
Marcella Cardini (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome, Lazio   Dancing Since: 2010

“It takes discipline to be a free spirit. Gabrielle Roth”

More Information and Schedule
Emiliano Ena (Sweat SpaceHolder) Lazio   Dancing Since: 2014

“It's about Abandon. Until there is No more. ”

More Information and Schedule
Andrea Sampalmieri (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome, Lazio   Dancing Since: 2014

“I'm not interested in how people move; I'm interested in what makes them move. Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost. Pina Bausch”

More Information and Schedule
Anna Venegoni (Sweat SpaceHolder) Varese, Lombardy   Dancing Since: 1984

“If you tell me, I will listen. If you show me, I will see. If you let me experience, I will learn. Laozi”

More Information and Schedule
Claudia Frisone (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome   Dancing Since: 2013

More Information and Schedule
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