Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth. ~ G. Roth

Weekly Classes

Periodic Classes

5Ritmi con Olivia - Torino Next Class 6 Nov 2021 Torino Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi a Milano con Olivia Next Class 7 Nov 2021 Milan Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi a Firenze con Olivia Next Class 13 Nov 2021 Florence Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi a Padova con Olivia Next Class 21 Nov 2021 Padova Olivia Palmer
5Ritmi a Bologna con Olivia Next Class 5 Dec 2021 Bologna Olivia Palmer

Upcoming Workshops

SAMHAIN*Fuoco che trasforma

Lucca - 31 Oct 2021 to 31 Oct 2021
Alessia Lencioni

 One day lab 

una giornata di laboratorio: 5 ritmi + camminata rituale in cima al Monte Prato Fiorito (circa 40min); rituale con tamburi e fuoco + drum circle dopo cena 

possibilità di pernottamento 

Necessaria iscrizione anticipata, numero max partecipanti 15 

scrivi via whastapp al +393471307275 


Shadow Waves

Rome - 13 Nov 2021 to 14 Nov 2021
Alex Mackay

 There is a creative potential in each of the 5Rhytms hidden in a Shadow side

While enjoying the embodiment and energy of Gabrielle Roth's maps, we can dive into them and discover the dance in everything:

the reluctance of heavy bodies moving with gravity,

the sharp, clear edges of rigidity,

opening to all directions in confusion and distraction,

the safety of withdrawing into ourselves.

Changing our point of view about what we reject in ourselves, we can be amazed and surprised by aspects of our individuality that become visible, bringing them to light through the dances.

Bringing Light to Shadows we reach the Mystery and create new paths in ourselves.

Dancing The Path Through the Shadows


Local Teachers

Alessia Lencioni Lucca, Tuscany   Dancing Since: 2013

“What if you risk a little more? What if you push a little less? what if it's all just about discovering....”

More Information and Schedule
Alessandro Moruzzi San Francisco, California Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2008

“Rain, oceans are my Flowing. Street traffic, crowds chatting are my Staccato. Waterfalls, pounding jack hammers are my Chaos. Winds, hummingbirds are my Lyrical. Echoes of drops in a cave, my breaths are my Stillness.”

More Information and Schedule
Sara Tiesi Thun   Dancing Since: 2007

More Information and Schedule
Marcella Panseri (Teacher In Training) Milano    

“The essential is invisible to the eyes.”

More Information and Schedule
Dario Pastore (Teacher In Training) Palermo, Sicily   Dancing Since: 2012

“"Ogni tanto penso che il Dio Pan mi sia venuto a trovare nella culla per darmi un compito per questa vita e il mito ce lo dice, e in fondo lo sappiamo tutti… mai andare contro la volontà di un Dio””

More Information and Schedule
MariaSole Ingravallo (Teacher In Training) Rome, Lazio   Dancing Since: 2011

“The wind? I am the wind. The sea and the moon? I am the sea and the moon. Tears, pain, love, bird-flights? I am all of them. I dance what I am. Sin, prayer, flight, the light that never was on land or sea? I dance what I am. Isadora Duncan”

More Information and Schedule
Olivia Palmer (Heartbeat In Training) Tuscany Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2006

“Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

More Information and Schedule
Emiliano Ena (Sweat SpaceHolder) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   Dancing Since: 2014

“It's about Abandon. Until there is No more. ”

More Information and Schedule
Andrea Sampalmieri (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome, Lazio   Dancing Since: 2014

“I'm not interested in how people move; I'm interested in what makes them move. Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost. Pina Bausch”

More Information and Schedule
Marcella Cardini (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome, Lazio   Dancing Since: 2010

“It takes discipline to be a free spirit. Gabrielle Roth”

More Information and Schedule
Anna Venegoni (Sweat SpaceHolder) Varese, Lombardy   Dancing Since: 1984

“If you tell me, I will listen. If you show me, I will see. If you let me experience, I will learn. Laozi”

More Information and Schedule
Claudia Frisone (Sweat SpaceHolder) Rome   Dancing Since: 2013

More Information and Schedule
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