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OUTDOORWAVE in Aldrans Next Class 17 Jun 2023 Innsbruck Verena Sacher-Graiff
Open Wave Next Class 30 Jun 2023 Klagenfurt Verena Sacher-Graiff
Open Sweat Your Prayers Next Class 1 Jul 2023 Klagenfurt Verena Sacher-Graiff
Open Wave Next Class 1 Jul 2023 Vienna Verena Sacher-Graiff
Open Wave Next Class 2 Jul 2023 Vienna Verena Sacher-Graiff
Regular ongoing monthly classes in Wiener Neustadt, Austria Next Class 6 Dec 2023 Wiener Neustadt Damjan Makovec

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"Body, Heart, Mind, Soul, Spirit"

Yspertal - 7 Jun 2023 to 11 Jun 2023
Silvija Tomcik


5Rhythms® Residential 5 Days

Waves & Heartbeat Level

7.-11.6.2023 – Yspertal, AUSTRIA

Led by Silvija Tomčik 

“5Rhythms practice is a journey towards freeing the body, expressing the heart, emptying the mind, awakening the soul and embodying the spirit.” Gabrielle Roth

On this 5Rhythms  workshop we will explore how each of these 5Rhythms is connected to these 5 different parts of us: Body, Heart, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

This is an invitation to your intimate investigation of how Flowing unlocks the body, how Staccato opens up the heart, how Chaos liberates the mind, how Lyrical opens the door of the soul and how Stillness inaugurates the spirit.

I belong to my body.

My body belongs to the dance.

I commit to my heart.

My heart is committed to the love.

I am co-creating with my mind.

My mind is co-creating with the mystery.

I am connecting to the nature of my soul.

My soul is connected to the nature of all things

I breathe my spirit alive.

My spirit lives in my breath. My spirit dances with my breath.


“Silvija’s way of teaching? Strong and soft, passionate and gentle, wise and tactful, straight and humble, modern and ancient. She knows most of the places, you were. She’s a woman with all of the amazing dark and soft feminine energies, what can you seduce for the rhythms. She’s a mother who accepts you as you are. She is a warrior healer, who helps you facing with your shadows without a judgement, and helps to break through them. She is a teacher, who shows the path, but let you to be free. Dancing with her guiding, you can go to your edges safe. She is a midwife, who helps you to be born in your real self.” Zsuszsanna Kiss, 5Rhythms teacher




Zurndorf - 29 Jun 2023 to 2 Jul 2023
Silvija Tomcik


A Heartbeat Workshop for 5Rhythms Teachers

With Silvija Tomčik


Friedrichshof, Austria

This residential Heartbeat level workshop is dedicated to and created only for 5Rhythms Teachers. 

It is not a Refresh or any kind of Training, and it is for all 5Rhythms teachers, Waves or Heartbeat certified, It is like a usual Heartbeat workshop, just this time addressing the teacher’s heart. 


We all know teaching can feel lonely. Even when teaching Waves level, we are holding space for many emotions in the group. Those emotions are often ungrounded, sometimes projected on us seeing us as an authority or some other role, and very probably moving, touching, triggering our own emotions and projections. 

My intention is to offer space and time where we can move with the emotions that we feel when wearing the teacher’s hat. Some of our emotional journey already begins when we start announcing the workshop, and sometimes even that alone can stop us from going forward with our unique offerings. For me the crises can hit me right in the midst of the process, on that Saturday evening of a weekend workshop, when I am too deep in and can not go backward but need to keep going forward and I am not sure how to do it and what is the point of it. For some of us, the hardest time we give ourselves is after the workshop, doubting what we did and how we did it, or dealing with students’ feedback and questions. 

What is the most scary part of being a teacher for you? Where do your insecurities mostly come up? What can shake you up when you’re in front of the group? How fear may block you from seeing a group clearly, and from following your instincts as a teacher?

What tenses up inside of you when you are leading? How are you with creating clear boundaries with students and colleagues? Where do your frustrations from this job come out? Can you stay with anger and keep communicating?

What do you feel you carry from the group and process for a long time after the workshop is finished? How do you release yourself from the heaviness that is not all yours? Can you reach out from the sad and lonely place? Who and what holds you after you stop holding space for others? What about your own grief touched by the tears on the dance floor?

Do you remember the joy of just dancing? Do you know what your unique offering is and can you share it generously? What uplifts you as you witness the dance in front of you? What feels like success for you as a teacher? How can you express the gratitude?

Can you receive the grace from being in service to others’ healing? What are the rituals that help you integrate all the experiences from the work and the people? How can you include yourself in the compassion and kindness you can offer to others? Whats lights up your path? Do you feel like you belong to the wider circle of 5Rhythms teachers and/or to the Dance? Can you give yourself the space to thank your heart for its presence in all things?  


I became Heartbeat teacher in 2010, and it took me a while to trust this map and to find my own flavour of teaching it. Now I almost teach only Heartbeat workshops, or a combination of Waves and Heartbeat level. As always, I offer in my teaching what I need myself. This workshop is for me as much as it is for you, and for our bigger circle, and I am very excited about offering this for the first time. 


Local Teachers

Daniela Pall Graz Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2008

“Where there is love, there is life. Mahatma Gandhi ”

More Information and Schedule
Atmo Lars Lindvall Basel Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 1996

“I believe in wonders. Small one's are happening all the time! love from lars ”

More Information and Schedule
Irene Husung Berlin Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 1996

“no flow, no go - gabrielle roth ”

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Damjan Makovec Ljutomer Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 2000

More Information and Schedule
Verena Sacher-Graiff Innsbruck Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1997

“Hast du die Disziplin, ein freier Geist zu sein?”

More Information and Schedule
Peter Fejer Budapest Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 2008

“Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.”

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Wolfgang Zartler Vienna Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2004

“Respect yourself”

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