5Rhythms was introduced in Belgium over 20 years ago and we have thriving dancing communities throughout the country.

Since 2001 the own teachers community has been growing and at the moment there are 16 teachers active in both French and Flemisch communities and their activities are complemented by another 10 international guest teachers who visit us regularly.  Still open to a broad input from international teachers worldwide, many dancers from all over Europe and beyound have come along and added a special flavour, feeling at home in this community. What is has to offer : humbleness, grounded, friendly & heartful and diversity.  Wherever you live in Belgium, whether you speak Dutch, French or English, within a one hour drive you can attend several classes around the week, and workshops of all levels, around the year.

Weekly Classes

Periodic Classes

Urban Waves Next Class 11 Feb 2023 Gent Chris Camp
Ride the wave Next Class 15 Feb 2023 Hasselt Chris Camp
Vibrant Waves - Open Classes Next Class 16 Feb 2023 Tielrode Edo Kesteloot
Waves of Exploration - Open Classes Next Class 25 Feb 2023 Diest Edo Kesteloot
Wave Next Class 26 Feb 2023 Gent Anne Geerts
Medicine Wave Next Class 2 Mar 2023 Leuven Chris Camp
Endless Waves Next Class 4 Mar 2023 Edegem Chris Camp
Waves of Discovery - Open Classes Next Class 4 Mar 2023 Neeroeteren Edo Kesteloot
Waves to release Next Class 1 Apr 2023 Melle Katya Verbrugghe

Upcoming Workshops

A Soulful Beginning - Residential Winter Weekend

Orval - 10 Feb 2023 to 12 Feb 2023
Monika Korschner

5Rhythms Winter Dansweekend

residentiële retraite

Tijdens de vurige magische tijd van 'Imbolc'

Een uitnodiging om los te laten, te zuiveren, te reflecteren, te zaaien, te ontvangen, te bekrachtigen.

inclusief overnachtingen en vegetarische & biologische maaltijden

vrijdagavond 10 februari t/m zondagnamiddag 12 februari 2023

'Imbolc', het feest van vuur en licht, is de tijd die het einde van het donkere seizoen aankondigt. Een tijd van zuivering, van reflecteren, een tijd van ons klaar maken voor een nieuwe periode van groei.

Tegelijkertijd is half februari de tijd van liefde, oorspronkelijk de anonieme liefde, thuiskomen in jouw hart en het grotere energieveld van (zelf-) compassie en (zelf-) liefde.

Tijd voor jezelf om naar binnen te keren, in de rijkdom van het samen zijn in een warme sfeervolle omgeving

Tijd om de periode die achter je ligt waarachtig af te ronden en eervol te laten gaan wat los gelaten en opgelost wil worden.

Tijd om in verstilling innerlijke inzichten te ontvangen.

Tijd om de periode die voor je ligt te verwelkomen, te onderzoeken wat zich in jou beweegt, te openen voor dromen, verlangens en intenties ontstaan vanuit je gehele wezen en hart.

Tijdens dit dansweekend worden we tevens gedragen door de wijsheid van de mandala en het element vuur.

Deze workshopdagen bieden zowel bedding voor beginnende dansers als diepgang voor ervaren dansers. 



Tielrode - 12 Feb 2023 to 12 Feb 2023
Edo Kesteloot

One of the qualities that I associate with the first rhythm (Flowing) is attention. When we open ourselves to the realities inside our whole body, with all their sensations, then we give attention to what takes place in there. That is the starting point for a whole journey through our inner world, where we can, with curiosity, feel into, discover, explore, find and just be. In this way our attention can follow a whole wave and open into more awareness of ourselves. I’m interested to see all that we can glean from this day. 

In this open series of workshops "My Life and My Heart", we explore in movement, alternately the Waves map rhythms: Attention (Flowing), Clarity (Staccato), Adventure (Chaos), Freedom (Lyrical), and Connection (Stillness), and the Heartbeat map emotions: Awake (Fear), Upright (Anger), Release (Sadness), Relief (Joy), and Embracing (Compassion). In each workshop we go deeper with one rhythm or emotion, whilst also moving through full waves. Nancy will teach the Heartbeat workshops, Edo the Waves workshops.

Detailed Information


Local Teachers

Clara Cornil Gent   Dancing Since: 2004

“Music, Movement, Meditation”

More Information and Schedule
Chris Camp Leuven Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1999

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul (Martha Graham)”

More Information and Schedule
Anne Geerts Gent Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 1995

“Stap uit je hoofd, beweeg je lijf en... dans het leven! Movement is medicine! ”

More Information and Schedule
Nele Vandezande Staden Teaching Since: 2001  

More Information and Schedule
Cecile Klefstad Brussels Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2009

“DANCE to be….Alive inside! Alive and Kicking! Alive in Chaos! Alive & Creative ! Alive in the Great Mystery of LIFE…. ”

More Information and Schedule
Nancy Harrison - Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 1995

“In the 5Rhythms® practice you move away from your surface and get in touch with a deeper, wiser you, one that senses the unity that underlies everything. - Gabrielle Roth. ”

More Information and Schedule
Edo Kesteloot Brussels Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 2004

“All the wisdom we need can be found inside of ourselves; with 5Rhythms we tap into it, through moving our body”

More Information and Schedule
Katrien Mazijn Brugge Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2004

“The authentic self is the soul made visible Sarah Ban Breathnah”

More Information and Schedule
Katya Verbrugghe Antwerp Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2007

Step in the not knowing and listen to your breath, honor it all to your feet, your dance of freedom.

More Information and Schedule
Stefanie Maddens Izegem Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2003

“If your body could speak, what would it say? Daria Halprin”

More Information and Schedule
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