It is not about getting lost in the dance, but being found in the dance.

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TRANCE & TRANSFORMATION Intensive The Mystical and Spiritual aspects of the 5Rhy

Borkop - 8 Mar 2023 to 12 Mar 2023
Jan Redsted - Annette Uhlemann

 What is your deepest or most profound experience with the 5Rhythms?
The Prosperous Mystery. When we get out of the Way; life gives...

5 Days intensive

Trance & Transformation intensive
The Mystical and Spiritual aspects of the 5Rhythms

All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms® teachers training prerequisites.
Heartbeat (2 days) & Waves (3 days)

Annette Uhlemann & Jan Redsted


Cycles -Exploration of the Rhythms of Life

Vejle - 12 Jul 2023 to 16 Jul 2023
Jonathan Horan

 2 Weeks with Jonathan Horan
Participate in 1 or both workshops in Vejle Denmark 2023

July 12. - 16. 2023
Cycles  Exploration of the Rhythms of Life
The 5Rhythms offer us both a map to understanding and a way to deeply embody the patterns, waves, and vibrations that organically move us from birth to death.

Our journey will be a deep investigation into our personal relationship to the rhythms and rituals, the teachings and traditions, the people and places that have formed and informed who we are. Every session will be a deeper dance into the parts of us we wish to celebrate and honor, as well as those parts we wish to let go.

Cycles is an up close and personal look at our own lives, our birth, our upcoming death and everything and everyone between.


Please bring a journal, some family photos, and an object of deep meaning to you.

July 19. - 23. 2023
MirrorsTM  Seeing the Self
A 5Rhythms® Mirrors Workshop is the unveiling of the battle between the ego and our most soulful self. Mirrors level work is the most advanced and challenging investigation and lives in the domain of the mind. In Mirrors, the challenges become greater as we dive deeper in the ego, dancing with the world of our speaking self.


The Focus: taking responsibility for our actions and reactions.
The Outcome: Knowing who we are and who we are not is a major contribution to a better world.

Venue: Campus Vejle, Boulevarden 48, 7100 Vejle, Denmark

Price / Payment: Price for both workshops DKR 6600
if payed before June 9th 6100 Dkr

One workshop alone 3550 Dkr - 3200 DKR if payed before June 9th
We offer a 15 % discount of the full price for 5RTA members

For Cycles; Waves and 1 Heartbeat workshop.
For Mirrors; Cycles and / or Medicine Dance.
All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms® teachers training prerequisites

Contact / Booking: Send an e-mail with name, address, phone and a list of relevant 5Rhythms workshops you did to: jan@redsted.dk

More information times, travel & accomodation: WWW.5RYTMER.DK

Jonathan Horan is Gabrielle Roth’s son.
He is the Executive Director of her international institute, 5Rhythms Global. Jonathan has been immersed in the 5Rhythms practice throughout his life and continues to be a key catalyst in its evolution. He is a member of the core teaching faculty of both training and advanced work and teaches workshops of all levels around the world.


Local Teachers

Jan Redsted Vejle Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 1998

“Life is not a task. There is absolutely nothing to attain except the realisation that there is absolutely nothing to attain. Tony Parsons”

More Information and Schedule
Birgitte Rassmussen Copenhagen Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1997

“Dancing the 5Rhythms release energy and creativity, melt tensions and root the soul in the body”

More Information and Schedule
Brian Kjoeller Copenhagen   Dancing Since: 2007

More Information and Schedule
Günther Schrader Aarhus    

More Information and Schedule
Annette Uhlemann - Teaching Since: 2005 Dancing Since: 1998

More Information and Schedule
Ane Friis - Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2003

“The floor is my friend”

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Mette Feilberg Copenhagen Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 2000

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