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Warszawa - 13 Jan 2023 to 23 Apr 2023
Joanna Hussakowska



TRANCE & TRANSFORMATION The Mystical and Spiritual aspects of the 5Rhythms

Wroclaw - 31 Mar 2023 to 2 Apr 2023
Jan Redsted - Annette Uhlemann

POLAND, Wrocław Workshop 31. March - 2. April 2023

Fri. 18. - 20.30 (Open evening)
Sat. 11 – 18
sun. 11 - 18
***Friday open evening class is part of the workshop, but open for others.

Venue: Centrum Kultury i Edukacji Bakara, ul. Rózana 4, 53-226 Wrocław (exit from the back, 1st floor)

Price / Payment:
Open evening alone 25 €
Price: 220 € (Open Evening incl.) 180 € if payed before March. 1st. 2023

Prerequisite: We recommend that you have worked with more than one certified
5Rhythms teacher. The workshop counts as required Waves workshop for 5Rhythms Teachers Training or the deeper 5Rhythms workshops such as Cycles & Mirrors

Booking & info:
Paulina: paulina.lasek.pl@gmail.com
Mirek: mchybicki@gmail.com


5Rhythms® Weekend workshop

The mystical and spiritual is right here... always and everywhere unlimited space, subtle vibriating aliveness and perfect brilliant stillness...

Whatever we as humans can meet, feel, think, sense or experience can change, through surrendering to practice, dance and movement.

In this approach to The 5Rhythms we work with this field between awareness and attention. Where total devotion to dance, opens to the universal spaciousness and stillness that our souls long so deeply for.

To get out of the way and let life unfold is allmost impossible for the human mind, but in our many years of experience with the 5Rhythms, we have come to see that the very surrender to humble uncensored dance, movement and practice can open for the possibility that the essence of being and who we truly are lies in shifting the perspective from the dancer to the dance.

This workshop is an investigation where we invite each of us to create and hold space for spaciousness. Through willingness to see beyond our separate individual and give space rather than take space, we see there is absolutely nothing we can do to achieve what we long for...
...but if we are really really open;... It may happen!
Presence, Consciousness, Aliveness


5Rhythm Teachers Annette & Jan
Has been a couple for more than 30 years and both trained Heartbeat teachers and completed 5Rhythms® Teacher Training with Gabrielle Roth in USA in 2005.

They’ve both assisted on the 5R teacher training and are board members of the 5Rhythms® Reach Out

Annette Uhlemann
Cultural Studies & Art at Uni. Hildesheim, Body therapist
Participated in several research projects about cancer and movement. Research in art and ritual theater as a transformative  tool.

Jan Redsted
Psychotherapist and Diploma in Psychiatry. Assisted Jonathan Horan on Mirrors and Naked Soul since 2016.


Local Teachers

Joanna Hussakowska Krakow Teaching Since: 2010  

“Your body is the voice that sings what there are no words for”

More Information and Schedule
Ewelina Jendrzejczak London Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2000

“Sometimes it can take a few steps to get to our deepest truth. As we get closer and closer to it within ourselves, we can feel a huge vibratory shift in our body that signals we have arrived. The vibration is our aliveness returning. - C. Caldwell”

More Information and Schedule
Tomasz Szymocha Warszawa Teaching Since: 2016  

More Information and Schedule
Radek Myszka Wroclaw   Dancing Since: 2014

“The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body”

More Information and Schedule
Mirek Chybicki (Sweat SpaceHolder) Wroclaw   Dancing Since: 2014

“Not all those who wander are lots”

More Information and Schedule
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