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Sylvie Minot

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 2001

Tribe Member since 1994


I come from a lineage of warriors and healers from Laos, Vietnam and France. They are in my cells, my DNA, and my dance.

We were told my grandfather was a French soldier in love with a young Vietnamese woman, my grandmother. My father was a Laotian army general who fell in love with my mother and was killed in a concentration camp there. Still today, I carry a lot of the soldier inside my body and psyche. As I move with this, I begin to discover, release and gain compassion for all warriors, on and off the battlefield. My lineage inspired me to bring 5Rhythms to veterans in the midst of their healing process, as well as my own.

My female ancestors were mainly healers (though some could fight like warriors if threatened). My mother has healing hands, and offered bodywork for cancer patients. And I’ve always felt a lot of energy in my hands. These healing hands have been passed down from generation to generation through the women in my family. As I move with the healer, I can begin to acknowledge this gift more fully. I believe, now more than ever, we need to bring healing to the wars in our mind, body, psyche, and in our lands/countries.

Our ancestors’ imprint in our bones and blood is palpable, though often unconscious. We may find ourselves repeating certain familial patterns and wondering why. The Ancestors work offers a way to shift and release these family stories that are embedded deep within and may be stuck in our bodies. This work emerged from my deep love of the 5Rhythms energetic map, my studies with cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien (who gave me permission in 2007 to integrate her teachings with the 5Rhythms), and my own healing journey.

I see the 5Rhythms map in everything, especially the energetic patterns. When I first started dancing, I was able to move energy throughout my body, leading me to frequently use the energy map in my teaching. The energies and vibrations inside and around us connect us to our body and spirit—helping us go beyond our mind, personality, and our likes and dislikes. Gabrielle once told me, “Sylvie, you see the bigger picture. Teach that way.” This is the thread I’ve followed for over 17 years.




31 December 1969





Marc Silvestre



5Rhythms Teacher since 2010

Tribe Member since 2000


Let’s be clear: I am not perfect. Who is? Evolution is a never-ending process and this is for me exactly the heart of 5Rhythms dance. On one side, the dance floor is this amazing arena, where the facets of who we are appear and get dealt with by the incredible somatic intelligence and the soulful consciousness of ours. On the other side, it is a sacred out of space-time interval, where spontaneous joy and creativity can unfold. The old gets digested, the new appears… and the dance goes on. Therefore, for me, 5Rhythms dance is as much a body of knowledge (maps, processes, exercises, tools, etc.), as it is a lifelong laboratory. I feel deeply connected and dedicated to this ongoing work.

As a dancer, I travelled through so many state of being: I laughed and cried, I danced like a tiger and I danced like a butterfly. I met and was met by people from all around the world. What a gift!

As a teacher, I have given during the last 8 years, classes and workshops in different countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Great-Britain, Lithuania, Belorussia…). I have regularly complemented my 5Rhythms skills with other self-development tools and this year, I graduated from the Heartbeat level. At the core of my work is the feeling of being a guardian of a profound and sacred process. Therefore, I aim at providing a secure and respectful framework where people can truly listen to their senses, intuition, presence and express their present moment reality.

And what I like the most is when, after the preparation of the “matter” through different exercises and processes, when the dancers are ripe, the alchemy works by itself making them dance like they never danced before.



with Marc Silvestre
22 September 2018 - 23 September 2018
Istituo Pio IX, Via Di santa Prisca 7/8, Roma, Rome




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