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Bratislava - 12 May 2023 to 14 May 2023
Jason Rowe

‘There is no dogma in the dance.’  Gabrielle Roth

This workshop is a journey through both the shadow and the light aspects of ourselves, giving permission and scope through movement to allow us to experience the essential vitality and balance of our life force.

The Wave provides us gateways into connection with, and reflects, the living world around us. The rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness make up a varied field of energy that we can enter into and move with.

For many of us our cultural, familiar and religious influences have limited our pathways, and therefore our choices. Movement opens up our possibilities, creativity and sense of inner and outer purpose. From this place our dance becomes spiritual practice.


Surrendering Into Mystery

Bratislava - 23 Jun 2023 to 25 Jun 2023
Chris Camp

 “The need for mystery is greater then the need for an answer”

— Ken Kesey

As (western) humans we were taught to seek answers. We were taught to seek meaning in this human life. Which often results in wanting to control, wanting to understand everything. Although this can be very useful at times, when we get stuck in wanting to control we start to lose our sense of wonder, our ability to be in awe. We miss the magical moments that are happening continuously throughout our lives. We have slowly lost our ability to be swept away by the mystery that is life. As Albert Einstein said: ”He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead…” How would it be if we were to simply pause and take in the world around us and the world within us.

In this workshop we will use the transformative qualities of the embodiment map of the 5 rhythms to re-learn ourselves to simply surrender into the mystery of our human liveliness. We will work with the movement of our bodies to support and to allow ourselves to surrender our hearts, our minds and our souls to the mysterious spirit that animates us all. Life is so unbelievably precious… why waste it being stuck in the constructs of our own minds?

This workshop is open for everyone, with or without experience. Having followed at least one open wave is recommended.
This workshop counts as waves hours towards the 5 Rhythms® Teacher Training


Local Teachers

Misa Trizuljakova (Sweat SpaceHolder) -   Dancing Since: 2016

“Magic happens when you do not give up.even though you want to. The universe always fall in love with stubborn heart.”

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Zuzana Klackova (Sweat SpaceHolder) Bratislava   Dancing Since: 2013

“The only way out is through. ”

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