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For 20+ years, the streets of New York City have been Gabrielle & Jonathan's laboratory, daily community, and the inspiration that is the 5Rhythms body of work and vision.

Our NYC teachers service the dynamic, diverse and dedicated tribe you could expect to make their way onto our dancefloors here. It provides a refuge of rhythm for those who are hungry to maintain a real self within the creative pulse, urban edge, and tribal soul of Manhattan. There is no more exciting place on earth, as it perfectly mirrors the complexity and challenges we face when we look within. Our NYC offerings of daily classes, short and long form workshops are available to dance you through all levels of the 5Rhythms every year.


Weekly Classes


5x5 New York Mackenzie Amara


Sweat Your Prayers New York Jonathan Horan

Intermittent Classes (check links for specific dates)

Coming Home Waves, class will resume september 16th, 2017 New York Tanya Goldman
Saturday Waves New York Ariel Karass
5Rhythms Sweat Cold Spring Angelina Fiordellisi

Upcoming Workshops


New York - 10 Dec 2017 to 10 Dec 2017
Tammy Burstein - The Moving Center New York

“‘Thank you’ is the best prayer anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude,humility, understanding.” – Alice Walker

Gratitude is a practice. Thanks may happen fast and furious,or few and far between, with or without our awareness that we are indeed practicing gratitude. Embodied gratitude is a practice we can follow with every step, every rhythm, every dance, everyday-to-day motion.

In this one-day workshop, we’ll follow the 5Rhythms® Waves map, allowing the time to investigate, communicate, innovate, elevate, and appreciate our relationship to gratitude. We’ll dance with how it moves freely,when it holds back, the ways in which it is received or refused, how we can create, reflect, and rest in thanksgiving, setting a grateful foundation as we enter into the holiday season, into the end of another year, into the new with love.


Heartbeat : Anatomy of Emotions

New York - 21 Feb 2018 to 25 Feb 2018
Peter Fodera - Erik Iversen

“Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence...”  -Gabrielle Roth

Everything that we experience in life is reflected in our bodies. Our emotions and thoughts are directly connected to our body parts and the history of these experiences shape and define our posture and form.  We all have unconscious physical muscular patterns in our bodies, which are the representation of unresolved emotional experiences. By connecting to these patterns consciously through movement, and then learning to complete the natural emotional response, we can release those unconscious patterns in our bodies.

Join us as we explore these emotional landscapes with kindness, curiosity and compassion. 


Local Teachers

Gabrielle Roth New York, New York Teaching Since: 1987 Dancing Since: 1970

“Movement is my medium, my medicine, and my metaphor.”

More Information and Schedule
Kierra Foster-Ba New York, New York Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1997

“Dancing is bigger than the physical body...because you are dancing bigger than that. You are dancing spirit. - Judith Jamison”

More Information and Schedule
Ray Diaz New York, New York Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2011

“The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; Everything that you want, you already are. -Rumi_”

More Information and Schedule
Margaret Wagner New York, New York Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 2000

“Discover your ground, define your passion and voice, dissolve what holds you back, delight in your originality, dance with whatever is in the moment.”

More Information and Schedule
Ariel Karass New York, New York Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2002

“Listen to your life, see it for the fathomless mystery that it is. In the boredom and pain of it, no less than in the excitement and gladness. Touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it, because in the last analysis all moments a”

More Information and Schedule
Peter Fodera New York, New York Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 1999

“Movement is the universal language of the heart”

More Information and Schedule
Jonathan Horan New York, New York Teaching Since: 1986 Dancing Since: 1970

“My dance is my connection to the divine.”

More Information and Schedule
Daniela Peltekova Los Angeles, California Teaching Since: 2007  

“We are Gods and Goddesses with a global case of human amnesia. We dance to remember, we dance to forget, we dance to let go, to heal the cells of our body-mind and reignite the crystal imprints of our souls.”

More Information and Schedule
Martha Peabody Walker Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey Teaching Since: 1987 Dancing Since: 1974

“Courage, Forgiveness, Surrender, Generosity and Service...Currant path, lightening rod and weather vane.”

More Information and Schedule
Tammy Burstein New York, New York Teaching Since: 2001 Dancing Since: 1997

“a moving meditation of bawdy, bright & broken prayers; a treasure hunt amongst the bones, the chambers of the heart, for buried wonder, a map to love.”

More Information and Schedule
Jason Goodman New York, New York Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1994

“When you dance, you can really love."

- Neil Young”

More Information and Schedule
Jilsarah Moscowitz New York, New York Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 2001

“look for me on the shores, washed up in the spirit of stillness -- having given myself to the great wave again and again. having given myself to each moment of each rhythm. ”

More Information and Schedule
Mackenzie Amara New York, New York Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2009

“A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having. ”

More Information and Schedule
Andrea Adamczyk Albany, New York Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 1994

“this is it....where my heart fell in love with my soul. ”

More Information and Schedule
Tanya Goldman New York, New York Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2008

“Dance until the dancer disappears and only the dance remains”

More Information and Schedule
Mark Bonder Long Island, New York Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 2000

“Dive deep and take every opportunity to lighten up!”

More Information and Schedule
Jane Selzer New York, New York Teaching Since: 1997 Dancing Since: 1995

More Information and Schedule
Henya Emmer (Teacher In Training) New York, New York   Dancing Since: 2010

More Information and Schedule
Karen Ritscher (Heartbeat In Training) New York, New York Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 2000

“The dance offers the most alive and creative field in which to connect with self and Spirit: both wildly sacred and blessedly fun!”

More Information and Schedule
Daniela Plattner (Heartbeat In Training) New York Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1990

More Information and Schedule
Angelina Fiordellisi (Sweat SpaceHolder) Garrison, New York   Dancing Since: 2015

“Let us do something, while we have the chance! ... at this place, at this moment of time, all mankind is us, whether we like it or not. Let us make the most of it, before it is too late! Samuel Beckett ”

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