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The Power of Your Dance

Trondheim - 3 Mar 2023 to 5 Mar 2023
Ann-Cathrin Hertling

 In this weekend workshop we will replace work with curiosity; 

- Entering a treasure hunt, with the support of 

The Dynamic Movement Map of The 5 Rhythms: 

Flowing-Staccato-Chaos-Lyrical-Stillness ®

This map has the power to release our BODY, so we can reunite with our DANCER 

and bring us back to our natural flow of energy and excitement. 

Rediscovering our sweet spot; the place and space where we dont push or hold back. 

Everyone is welcome regardless of shapes, background, age, gender, views, etc.It is an inclusive environment. There is no need for previous dance and movement experience, just the will to explore. I will hold the space, support and gently guide us into the moving qualities of all the 5 Rhythms ® 

…And of course, always with great music played. 


Deeper in the Rhythms

Oslo - 24 Mar 2023 to 26 Mar 2023
Ingrid Brudevoll

 5Rhythms Waves Workshop. We will investigate the qualities of flowing, the feminine rhythm, and staccato, the masculine rhythm, and how these two opposite  qualities blend together in chaos, lyrical and stillness. Creating in us powerful, creative and meditative landscapes through the 5 Rhythms. 


Local Teachers

Turid Nyloy Oslo   Dancing Since: 2011

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Kristin Skare Oslo   Dancing Since: 2002

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Magnhild Egeland -   Dancing Since: 2010

“God is a DJ, this is my church this is where I heal my hurts. Faithless”

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Grete Belinda Solberg Barton Bakao Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2004

“It takes a tremendous dicipline to be a free spirit Gabrielle Roth”

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