Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?

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Nesodden WAVES Oslo Ingrid Brudevoll

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Sweat your parayers Next Class 3 May 2019 Oslo Erik Soyland

Upcoming Workshops

Shapes of Intimacy

Oslo - 24 May 2019 to 26 May 2019
Erik Iversen

“None of us wants to be numb. We long to connect. We long to be real. We long to be intimate. 

Intimacy is the transitory dissolution of boundaries. Intimacy is an open path, a bridge between my heart and yours. We get stuck on the bridge because we don’t want to pay these tolls: total surrender to vulnerability, spontaneity, and an open, unguarded heart...” Gabrielle Roth


The floor of a 5Rhythms event offers us the space to be new, be vulnerable, make new choices, act and play, and reveal ourselves emerging. In this workshop we will investigate what intimacy requires of us. Each joint of the structural body holds a story, a memory; and as the dance of the 5Rhythms unfolds, the body, the bones and the muscles start to come together and create a coherent expression of the whole person. With a whole sense of our bodies, in dance, and through interaction with others, we are being given an opportunity to see what, and where (not who!) our triggers are: feel them, acknowledge them; give them a shape, and eventually shift them into something else.


Midsummer Waves

Sortland - 19 Jul 2019 to 21 Jul 2019
Ingrid Brudevoll

A basic Waves Workshop 

Led by Ingrid Brudevoll

Kom til vakre Breines og bli med på Workshop i 5 Rytmer

fredag 19. juni kl 18 - 21, 

lørdag 20. juni kl 11 - 16.15

søndag 21. juni kl 11 - 16.15

Pris for hele helgen NOK 1800,-

Early Bird pris: (bet. før 18.juni) NOK.1550,-

Åpen intro-kveld fredag: NOK 500,- 

Kun fre + lør:  NOK 1400,-

Early Bird kun fre+lør (bet. før 118.juni) : NOK 1250,-

Når vi danser tar vi tilbake eierskapet til vår egen kropp, vår egen pust, vår egen helse, vår egen frihet, og kontakten med selve livet!


Local Teachers

Turid Nyloy Oslo   Dancing Since: 2011

More Information and Schedule
Magnhild Egeland Stavanger   Dancing Since: 2010

“God is a DJ, this is my church this is where I heal my hurts. Faithless”

More Information and Schedule
Hege Gabrielsen Oslo Teaching Since: 2001 Dancing Since: 1996

More Information and Schedule
Erik Soyland Oslo Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2003

“The way in, is the way out”

More Information and Schedule
Kari Onstad Winge Oslo Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1999

More Information and Schedule
Grete Belinda Solberg Barton Bergen Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2004

“It takes a tremendous dicipline to be a free spirit Gabrielle Roth”

More Information and Schedule
Kristin Skare (Teacher In Training) Oslo   Dancing Since: 2002

More Information and Schedule
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