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Weekly Classes


Formiddagsdans Lørdager (Saturday wave) Oslo Turid Nyloy


Nesodden WAVES Oslo Ingrid Brudevoll

Periodic Classes

Intro & fordypning Next Class 5 Mar 2020 Stavanger Magnhild Egeland

Upcoming Workshops


Oslo - 14 Feb 2020 to 15 Nov 2020
Hege Gabrielsen - Hannah Loewenthal

 this is an ongoing group - in 5 modules  through 2020 in Oslo,Norway. 

This ongoing group is a deep exploration into different levels of our being. The dance is our common resource to unfold the intelligence and wisdom of the body. It is a collaboration between experienced teachers of the 5 Rhythms and Moves into Consciousness. 


Sure-Footed Magic

Oslo - 28 Feb 2020 to 1 Mar 2020
Erik Iversen

 -The ability to think on your feet with the magic of a timely response-


The fourth of the five Rhythms has a certain undefined quality that can be open to interpretation. Lyrical has been evolving more than the other four rhythms. After the deep release of Chaos, Lyrical offers a clear energy shift of lighter, uplifting energy. I like to call this Sure-Footed Magic. An active, quick and agile expansive ground force reaction. During this investigation we will explore and cultivate an energetic journey to weightlessness. 

How can I maintain my foundation? And at the same time create a lightness in my body and spirit? Let's explore what may interfere or block access to the sensory motor loop of each participant. What body Stories have we inherited from family and culture, that keep us from transforming and then creating well being? And how can this shift in perception bring us to feel we are a more integrated fluid process - instead of feeling like a segmented static object. With this shift we can learn to create a daily practice of finding space for fluidity and nurturing a lighter heart. 

         -I move from the ground up, and a community of cellular systems respond -


Local Teachers

Hege Gabrielsen Oslo Teaching Since: 2001 Dancing Since: 1996

“"we worship an invisible god and slaughter a visible nature- without realizing that this nature we slaughter is the invisible god we worship" The dance brings this experience into the body heart and mind - into this eternal flow of energy ”

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Turid Nyloy Oslo   Dancing Since: 2011

More Information and Schedule
Magnhild Egeland Stavanger   Dancing Since: 2010

“God is a DJ, this is my church this is where I heal my hurts. Faithless”

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Erik Soyland Oslo Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2003

“The way in, is the way out”

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Kari Onstad Winge Oslo Teaching Since: 2007 Dancing Since: 1999

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Kristin Skare Oslo   Dancing Since: 2002

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