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Weekly Classes

Periodic Classes

SonntagMorgenWave Next Class 22 Dec 2019 Basel Bea Huesler
Kirche tanzt Zürich Next Class 19 Dec 2019 Zürich Wolfgang Ortner
Mensch tanz Next Class 21 Dec 2019 Winterthur Wolfgang Ortner
WAVE YOUR SOUL Next Class 15 Dec 2019 Geneva Sara Cereghetti
Open-Waves in Bern Next Class 11 Dec 2019 Bern Peter Tschanz
Sunday-Prayer-Waves Next Class 22 Dec 2019 Winterthur Wolfgang Ortner
Evolutionary Evenings Next Class 21 Dec 2019 Vevey Julia Wolfermann
LES VAGUES DU VENDREDI Next Class 20 Dec 2019 Geneva Sara Cereghetti
FOURTH FRIDAYS Next Class 24 Jan 2020 Zürich Mackenzie Amara
LuzernTanzt5Rhythmen Next Class 6 Mar 2020 Luzern Urs Keller
AffolternAmAlbisTanzt5Rhythmen Next Class 19 Jan 2020 Affoltern am Albis Urs Keller
Sunday Moving Meditation Thun Next Class 29 Dec 2019 Thun Christa Zaugg
Kirche tanzt Zürich: BENEFIZTANZ Next Class 6 Nov 2020 Zürich Wolfgang Ortner
Les Vagues Du Jeudi *** Thursday Waves Next Class 12 Dec 2019 Geneva Joyleen Rao
Wave with Griscia Next Class 23 Jan 2020 Geneva Griscia Hoch
Inception Next Class 17 Dec 2019 Geneva Daniel Struyf

Upcoming Workshops

Body Temple

Zürich - 14 Dec 2019 to 15 Dec 2019
Huan Zhang

Sa. 14.Dec.2019   11:00am -17:00pm   

We are going to use the space to explore Body Parts/Flowing/ Staccato 

Door opens 10:30am; Lunch break 1.5hrs

So. 15.Dec.2019    11:00am-1700pm    Sweat your prayer /Stillness / Tribe

Door opens 10:30am; Lunch break 1.5hrs

Location: Volkshaus Zurich, Blauer Saal( 1.Floor)

Fr. 80 per day workshop; Fr.130 for the weekend course all together. 

Volunteer crew member with discount.

 For questions: 0041-76 328 6655


The Courage To Express

Vevey - 25 Jan 2020 to 26 Jan 2020
Julia Wolfermann

We move and dance through the rhythms to meet our joys and fears, to develop the courage of finding our own unique expression of the only truth that is: that of the present moment. When we open ourselves to the teachings of the 5Rhythms, the essence of our spiritual self begins to awaken, leading us to embody the dance that only we can express.

Bougeons et dansons à travers les rythmes pour rencontrer nos joies et nos peurs et développer le courage de la seule vérité qui soit : celle du moment présent. En s’ouvrant aux enseignements des 5Rythmes, l’essence de notre moi spirituel commence à s’éveiller, nous conduisant à incarner la danse que nous seuls pouvons exprimer.


Local Teachers

Huan Zhang Zürich   Dancing Since: 2012

“Seeing implies detachment. - Gabrielle Roth / Maps to Ecstasy”

More Information and Schedule
Atmo Lars Lindvall Basel Teaching Since: 2004 Dancing Since: 1996

“I believe in wonders. Small one's are happening all the time! love from lars ”

More Information and Schedule
Sara Cereghetti Geneva   Dancing Since: 2011

“Il y a des oiseaux qui savent se corrompre pour être à la fois eux et les ailes du vent. - Christian Viguié”

More Information and Schedule
Urs Keller Luzern   Dancing Since: 2010

“You do not have to be good. - Mary Oliver”

More Information and Schedule
Peter Tschanz Bern   Dancing Since: 2002

“Der Tanz der 5Rhythmen hat mein Leben drastisch verändert. Es ist Heimkehr durch Bewegung. ”

More Information and Schedule
Monika Ortner Zürich Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1998

“Es ist, was es ist, sagt die Liebe”

More Information and Schedule
Susanna Dobos Aarau Teaching Since: 2010 Dancing Since: 2003

More Information and Schedule
Sarah Steinmann Thun   Dancing Since: 2013

“There is a dance that only you know how to do. Gabrielle Roth”

More Information and Schedule
Ladina Mitchell - Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2011

“Dance reveals (self-)love, love is the universal medicine”

More Information and Schedule
Bea Huesler Basel Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 2005

More Information and Schedule
Wolfgang Ortner Zürich Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1998

“keep the flow”

More Information and Schedule
Andreas Troendle Winterthur Teaching Since: 2001  

More Information and Schedule
Ruke Wyler Bern    

More Information and Schedule
Sara Tiesi Thun   Dancing Since: 2007

More Information and Schedule
Joyleen Rao (Teacher In Training) Geneva   Dancing Since: 2013

“Get down Get down... Embrace this body, love it, move it, danse it ! It's only joy at the end... it's just only free joy !”

More Information and Schedule
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