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Our soul, our true self, is the most mysterious essential, and magical dimension of our being. ~G. Roth

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Deep Waves Next Class 27 Apr 2024 Toronto Layah Jane Singer-Wilson
Body Prayer Next Class 12 May 2024 Toronto Layah Jane Singer-Wilson
Body Prayer ~ Outdoor 5Rhythms Next Class 26 May 2024 Toronto Layah Jane Singer-Wilson

Upcoming Workshops


Toronto - 19 Apr 2024 to 21 Apr 2024
Sylvie Minot

In this workshop, we will dance with our ancestry, which lives in our heart, soul, collective memory, and DNA. We will call on the wisdom and medicine of our lineage, the power of ancestral lands, and the spirit of the animal clans to guide our dance on this journey.

We will beckon our bloodlines and sacred guides to help navigate a magical ancestral journey, weaving the 5Rhythms with our ancestral lineage.

We will acknowledge, give thanks, and embody forgiveness and healing for ourselves, our ancestors, and the land. We’ll honor and celebrate by moving our bones, blood, and bodies - gifts from our ancestors.


The Well

Peterborough - 3 May 2024 to 3 May 2024
Layah Jane Singer-Wilson

Amidst  our culture of high speed “doing”, 5Rhythms movement meditation offers  us space to let ourselves “be”. Time to touch in on what’s below the  surface. To dowse for wellsprings of wonder. A place for a community of  practice to emerge, with room for each of us to arrive as we are. A  space to nourish, replenish, and ReSource.

Come, let’s gather by the waters of our shared love of movement. Let’s make space to honour the ebb and flow of griefs and joys that dance through us. Let’s rest into the pleasures of good grooves, and the good company of other dancing seekers of the sacred. Let’s empty out, and let’s fill ourselves back up, with some long deep drinks from the Well.


Local Teachers

Layah Jane Singer-Wilson Toronto, Ontario Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1999

“Movement and music are my medicine. Dance, a door to the divine. A meditation, a mystery, a calling, a prayer, and a guide. ”

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Elisa Hollenberg Toronto, Ontario   Dancing Since: 2002

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Rhondda Snary Toronto, Ontario Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1999

“This dance. The first, last and only dance. Right now. One dance. We are the dance. We are one.”

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