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Our soul, our true self, is the most mysterious essential, and magical dimension of our being. ~G. Roth

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Deep Waves Next Class 27 Oct 2018 Toronto Layah Jane Singer-Wilson
Dynamic Waves Next Class 21 Oct 2018 Toronto Elisa Hollenberg

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"STORIES" ~ Third Thursday Mini-Workshop Series

Toronto - 18 Oct 2018 to 18 Oct 2018
Rhondda Snary

 “Every story is us.”

~ Rumi ~

Our lives are made up of stories … without them we would not exist. Life is a story.

And ALL our stories live in our bodies. Whether they are the facts of our lives, what we have created out of those facts, or pure fiction, they find a home within us and they reside in our cells.

This is my story. Yet any story is not my whole story. It is a part of me but not the whole of me.

We may have different relationships to our stories. Perhaps a tendency to dismiss them. “That’s just my story.” Or attach ourselves to one version or another. “This is who I am,” or “This is what my life is.” Or develop an aversion to yet another. Each of these relationships becomes a story unto itself.

In our 3-hour, mini-workshop series on the Third Thursday of each month this Fall, we will dance the essential 5Rhythms® of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness®, as we explore and become present to how our bodies hold our stories, how we move them and how they move us; the beauty of where and how they guide us, support us, as an integral part of our physical landscape, articulated by our bones, our cells, our hearts, minds, souls and spirits.

This is a morning moving meditation for deepening and awakening.



Chatham - 19 Oct 2018 to 20 Oct 2018
Layah Jane Singer-Wilson

Home ~ A 5Rhythms® Waves Workshop with Layah Jane

"The dance is not where we lose ourselves. But where we find ourselves."
~ Gabrielle Roth

The body is an encyclopedia of our lived experience. Our cells hold all of our suffering and celebration. Our bones and muscles move in ways that speak the truth, even when we’re not conscious of it yet.

5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement meditation practice. Each of the 5Rhythms is a quality of energy that is within us. Many of us have a dominant Rhythm or two that permeate our movements on the dance floor and through our lives. Exploring the 5Rhythms through the lens of how they are at home in us, can offer us insight into our true natures, and give us tools to move through the places where we disconnect or get stuck. As we dance Wave after Wave of the 5Rhythms, we can re-connect to the spectrum of aliveness that is available to us - beyond the mind, habit, or limitation. The dance delivers us to our most spontaneous, surrendered selves. It reminds us, returns us, and renews us. The body leads the way. The body lead us home.

All movement experience is welcome.


Local Teachers

Layah Jane Singer-Wilson Toronto, Ontario Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1999

“Movement and music are my medicine. Dance, a door to the divine. A meditation, a mystery, a calling, a prayer, and a guide. ”

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Rhondda Snary Toronto, Ontario Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1999

“This dance. The first, last and only dance. Right now. One dance. We are the dance. We are one.”

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Elisa Hollenberg (Teacher In Training) Toronto, Ontario   Dancing Since: 2002

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