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It is not about getting lost in the dance, but being found in the dance.

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Women's Waves

Montreal - 8 Sep 2018 to 1 Dec 2018
Lynne Adams

 An on-going 5Rhythms workshop, Women's Waves dives deep into the abyss of what it means to be an embodied female human being right now. 

Over the course of four months we'll explore our Selves from the mythical & magical to the mundane & manifest. 

We'll witness and support each other as we move together, grow confident in our power and creativity, learn to trust our intuition & vision and dance our stories and our souls. 

Once a month we'll meet on a Saturday afternoon and let the map of 5Rhythms carry us on waves of discovery. 

There'll be a different theme each month, building on each other.

Attendance to all four afternoons is suggested (it's only an afternoon! once a month!) as the group dynamic is a big part of the process. If you can't make all the dates, you can attend each module 'à la carte'. 


Ombre et Lumiere

Quebec - 26 Oct 2018 to 28 Oct 2018
Shanti bok rye Park

Il n’y a pas d’ombre sans lumière, ni de lumière sans ombre. Nous vivons toujours entre les deux. En général, la lumière est associée au positif et souvent, tous les aspects de l’ombre restent cachés en arrière. Cette réalité créera tôt ou tard des déséquilibre dans notre vie.

Quand notre corps bouge dans les 5Rythmes, le mouvement authentique apparaît et nous fait découvrir autant nos facettes lumineuses que nos coins sombres. En dansant, on va soigner notre ombre. Cette nouvelle conscience devient alors une médecine nous permettant de transformer cette pesanteur en lumière d’amour.


Local Teachers

Amy Dhindsa Montreal, Quebec   Dancing Since: 2011

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

More Information and Schedule
Lynne Adams Montreal, Quebec Teaching Since: 2016 Dancing Since: 2011

“Follow your feet.Trust your heart. ”

More Information and Schedule
Erik Iversen Montreal, Quebec Teaching Since: 1987 Dancing Since: 1981

“Teaching people to experience the pulsating sensual energy inside themselves and to awaken their connection to flowing breath, to rooted feet and to a centered ,alive pevis-reach up, root down, live in the heart center.”

More Information and Schedule
Lisa Gravel Montreal, Quebec    

“As human beings, our potential for creativity and wisdom is infinite. All we need in order to tap into it is to come back to the present moment, hold space for what is alive inside us, and allow it to move!”

More Information and Schedule
Anne Pare (Teacher In Training) Montreal, Quebec    

“Feel, be moved. Be. Moved. Rest, in the movement. Rest. Every step is the way.”

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Shanti bok rye Park (Heartbeat In Training) Rimouski, Quebec Teaching Since: 2014 Dancing Since: 1989

“No need to go looking anywhere else; everything is right here in this body, in this dance.”

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Richard Legault (Sweat SpaceHolder) Montreal, Quebec   Dancing Since: 2009

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